How demographic indicators will be improved in the Tula region: a full range of measures

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Today, February 11, a press conference was held in the regional government building, at which a plan of measures to achieve demographic indicators was presented. It was developed in accordance with the instructions of the Governor Alexei Dyumin. The press conference was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Tula Region Government Olga Gremyakova and Deputy Chairman of the Tula Region Government Dmitry Markov.

The roadmap is a global document containing activities in various sectors that will help to comprehensively influence the demographic situation in the region. Olga Gremyakova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Tula Region, oversees the implementation of this roadmap. According to her, in this regard, a new approach in the field of demography is presented.

The plan was developed after the meeting of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with the governor of the Tula region Alexei Dyumin in November. The President of Russia set a task for the head of the Tula region, and he, in turn, instructed the regional government to develop a document with a new approach to improve the demographic situation in the country. Now this is a priority task for the government of the Tula region, according to Olga Gremyakova.

Population growth and provision of comfortable services

The deputy head of the regional government noted that one of the important directions in the implementation of the roadmap was the population size and the provision of comfortable services to the population. All authorities will be focused on the implementation of these tasks.

Olga Gremyakova noted that financial support is becoming an important factor in deciding whether to have a child in a family. According to her, one must be confident in the future and in one’s financial situation. She emphasizes that after the birth of a child, housing, a kindergarten, and sports space are needed. It is necessary to develop a system of obstetrics, child health care. According to Olga Gremyakova, a targeted approach is being introduced, accompanied by a pregnant woman.

“In the Tula region, 55 measures of financial support for families have been formed. Now we are reviewing some of them from the point of view of the provision and service approach of obtaining them. Most of them would like to be digitized for easier registration and receipt “, – emphasizes Olga Gremyakova.

Work is also underway to optimize hot lines. According to the deputy chairman of the government of the Tula region, in past years, measures were aimed at financial support.

“Now the focus is on the provision of services in a form that is comfortable for citizens and the digitalization of services. All our regional ministries have plans for digital transformation “, – adds Olga Gremyakova.

As part of the implementation of the national project “Demography”, kindergartens are being built. In the Tula region, 8 facilities have already been commissioned. In 2021, 9 more kindergartens will be introduced. Also 2 new schools will be built: one in Donskoy, the other in the Severnaya Myza residential complex in Tula. Also, one school will be commissioned this year.

In addition, Olga Gremyakova noted that a new perinatal center will open. It will have 6 floors, 140 beds, 200 health workers, 55 doctors. It will house the birth and operating rooms, intensive care unit, the pregnancy pathology department, the newborn nursing department. Also, 25 sports grounds will appear under the Gazprom for Children program.

Social center for helping families and children

In 2020, the reorganization of social institutions began: a department for family and demography appeared in the Tula region.

Now the Crisis Center for Assistance to Women has been reformatted into the Social Center for Assistance to Family and Children. It will have 3 departments: Crisis department for women and children who have experienced domestic violence (stationary). Crisis department for family assistance. My family center (children’s helpline, family dispatching service).

A counseling service will operate on the basis of this center, which will tell families about how to use support measures, how to improve their living conditions, etc.

According to Olga Gremyakova, from 2021 a new social instrument will be in effect to improve the financial situation. There will be 4 directions in it: the conclusion of a social contract for finding a job, for entrepreneurial activity, maintaining a subsidiary farm, a difficult life situation. Also, retraining of citizens with their subsequent employment will be carried out.

Health care work

To improve the demographic indicators in the Tula region, work in the health sector is also important. Deputy Prime Minister of the Tula Region Dmitry Markov noted that it is necessary to pay attention to the reproductive health of residents of the Tula Region and increase the number of examinations.

“Only 30% of citizens participate in preventive examinations, we want to increase this figure to 51% to begin with,” – Dmitry Markov emphasizes. A separate question also concerns the medical examination of an adult. According to him, in the Tula region, one of the important problems is oncology and endocrinology.

Currently, there are 29 schools for pregnant women in the Tula region. It is planned to introduce an online system for monitoring pregnancy by medical institutions. In the Tula region, 900 families are experiencing the problem of infertility. “Modern medical technologies can make it possible to feel the happiness of motherhood”, – Dmitry Markov emphasizes. 560 families have already received IVF.

All authorities in the Tula region will work in a comprehensive manner to improve demographic indicators.

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