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By Henry Jackson

You probably have been browsing the net quite often if you are here. You must have seen some beautiful looking and smooth running sites that would have made you awe! Indeed you would have thought Could I have the same for my site too? To quench your thirst to know all about the theme used is WordPress theme detector. Most of the sites are made in WordPress. And you can use a theme detector on any WordPress site. One of the leading and friendly WordPress theme detectors is Themesinfo.

Let us have a deeper look into it!

What Is a Theme Info WP Themes Detector?

An innovative and helpful tool for many web designers, bloggers, and creators out there, which can help you detect the WordPress plugins and themes already installed. It is also helpful to find new pieces for the blogs. It lets you know how other people are using the themes in what ways, which can provide unique design ideas for you and stand out from the crowd in the current situation.

Currently, WordPress generates around 40% to 45% of websites on the internet by making the process easier and more effective. In easy words, it is an online tool that scans websites to find out the desired themes and plugins.

To find that out, you just need to copy the URL of any WordPress website of your interest and paste it into the WP theme detector search bar. After that, you’ll be able to see all the detected plugins, CMS, and themes.

How does a WordPress Theme Detector Works?

If you want to find what theme a WordPress site is using, simply copy-paste the URL of any website, and you’ll be able to see the themes used. But what about the complex ones, which have been custom-built and strongly modified?

You can quickly locate the theme’s style.css file in the website’s source code. The style.css file will include the theme name, version, and author name in the containing theme header.

And also, it can provide you with detailed information about the website using a WordPress theme by mentioning its popularity, theme name, license, similar theme using websites, and creator/provider. With the WP theme detector, you can study and know how you can improvise your design better than others and help you stay two steps ahead in the competition.

Why Only Themes In WP Theme Detector?

On the Themesinfo WordPress theme detector, you can discover the most famous themes by big industries with its top authors and plugins on the WordPress websites. Moreover, it becomes easier to operate because Themesinfo WordPress websites are more customizable and straightforward.

It will allow you to operate your business, whether big or small, without any bugs, as your website is custom-built. It’ll provide you with the service and performance free of bugs. As a custom-built website, the WordPress theme can offer you lots of benefits for your appearance on the internet by establishing a professional profile of your business.

You can easily buy or download a theme using the tool Child Theme to determine the theme or plugin used by a particular website. It is also highly coded to give that perfect feature of appearing professional on all devices.

Chrome Extension of the Themesinfo WordPress Theme Detector

The Chrome extension version of Themesinfo allows you to quickly identify the themes and plugins from a website through the WP theme detector. If it’s a WordPress site, the extension will indicate blue light, and if the website is a non-WordPress site, it’ll show grey light. It works very fast without using your browser’s performance. It is due to the use of a high-speed server-side API.


In a nutshell, a web designer looking for new designs every day or an inquisitive surfer having a WordPress theme detector tool can be of good use to you. And why Theme Info is suggested because it is free, fast, has a Chrome extension, and gives you loads of helpful information with great ease. Visit and see the difference. Happy surfing!