How Apps are Changing Healthcare?

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We have been in and out connected to our smart devices since we entered the digital era. Our smartphones have become such an important part of our lives that we most of the time rely on them to manage our schedules, organise our work, be in line with business operations, stay informed, remain connected with our near and dear ones, book appointments, medical check-ups, and the list goes on. Thus, smartphones are one of the most incredible assets available today and apps are the ones that add a feather in a cap. 


In today’s world, smart devices, whether a smartphone or a smartwatch, is capable of storing data and contain significant advancements that play a vital role, particularly in one industry and aspect of daily life that is being transformed, which would have been unthinkable a decade ago – the healthcare industry. From the time when applications met with healthcare, it has become typically receptive to improvement, progress, and precision, which makes it ideal for the gradually expanding healthcare app development market.


Overview of the advancements brought by healthcare apps


Medical services apps are a boon to the healthcare industry. These applications can benefit not only doctors and patients, but also clinic workers and medication specialists in terms of online appointments, consultations, diagnosis, and delivery of medical supplies. 


Further, the storm of healthcare apps has fueled the medical industry to new heights, as there are over 318,000 healthcare applications in leading app stores globally, 200+ new healthcare-related applications are uploaded every day, and as a result of this, the healthcare application industry is expected to generate over 111.1 billion USD by 2025. 


Moreover, it has been found that patients have access to great breakthroughs that can help to further expand the self-care cycle, as 74% of those who took and experienced virtual medical care assistance were satisfied and almost half of patients prefer an immediate, quick, and virtual healthcare appointment over visiting in-person, as experienced by app development company in UAE.


Top 5 Advantages of Healthcare Mobile Apps 


  1. Patients are now able to schedule their bookings directly from their smartphone by leveraging the online appointment option. 
  2. The healthcare applications will notify the professionals as soon as possible about any emergency and provide all necessary data and send it to the specialist’s device.
  3. Specialists and emergency personnel can, without a doubt, directly and easily coordinate with patients, as the applications are aimed at simplifying communication between patients, doctors, and different departments.  
  4. The various applications might be used in conjunction with wearables such as pedometers to collect data such as heart rate, blood pressure, and so on.
  5. Medical care apps help experts and medical care with servicing to build a brand, improve client experience, and enjoy the long-term profits.


Which Platform Should Your Healthcare Mobile App Be Built On?


The continuous evolution of numerous innovations and technology has opened up new avenues for application development. Healthcare apps should not be limited only to booking arrangements. It should provide patients with useful information and address their problems in a systematic manner. That is why you must guarantee that you are using the appropriate platform and right technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), The Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Augmented Reality (AR), and Big Data Analytics in order to build your app. Thus, It’s an exciting moment for application engineers to acquire practical expertise in the field of healthcare, as it’s offering a slew of new challenges that need to be overcome impressively.

App developers are taking healthcare app development to raise it further by supporting the medical care sector, patients, nurses, doctors, and others in ways that are as extensive yet innovative. As complexities improve and applications get more prominent, mind-boggling, and prepared to execute unthinkable things, this is a tendency that will just continue in power as time goes on.