Housing and communal services services of Omsk are waiting for warming to clean up ice from the roadway

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In Omsk, road services are waiting for the warming to remove ice on the roads. So far, this is difficult to do, since the rut was formed at low temperatures. In addition, the roads are clogged with vehicles. Warming is expected on the evening of January 15th.

As the IA “OMSKREGION” explains, a sharp temperature drop after a snowfall led to the formation of snow-ice deposits and rutting. Deicing materials at temperatures below -25 degrees do not work at full strength, and cutting off ice build-ups with motor graders must be carried out in the same areas several times.

Over the past day, it was possible to eliminate snow and ice formations on a total area of ​​272.2 thousand square meters. m. In the next day, it is planned to actively and everywhere treat the roadway with deicing materials and sweep.

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand warned about an abnormal cold snap, including in the Omsk region, at the end of December 2020. In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where the temperature dropped to -53 degrees, about 500 people sought medical help.

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