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Every website needs a hosting platform in order to establish its identity on the web and become available to all Internet users. In today’s time, you can find numerous options in the industry when it comes to web hosting services for your website. However, when you initially set up your website, the simplest and effective hosting solution you can pick is Windows shared hosting.

This is because Windows hosting comes at the most feasible price and fulfills your website’s needs effectively. Also, since Windows operating system comes with an interface easy to employ and access, any user with less or no technical expertise can deal with the Windows system. 

But, it is essential to make sure to choose the apt Windows Shared Hosting from a reliable and leading web hosting company. This helps in having all your data center services get accommodated. 

In this article, we will give you insights into such a trustworthy and industry-leading web hosting company – Hostbillo. We should first discuss how Windows server web hosting works before getting into more details.

Introduction Of Windows Shared Hosting

Web hosting on a shared server provides multiple users with the same hosting environment. You share the server resources as well as the space with other users. Because of sharing, the overall cost of the shared server hosting plan becomes cheap. The Shared Windows hosting involves Windows OS as the underlying operating system of the server.

Moreover, Windows operating system is a product designed by Microsoft Corporation. Thus, you can also get technical support from the Microsoft team apart from your web hosting provider. Further, with the shared Windows hosting, you acquire the perfect support for running the applications such as  MySQL, C#, VB Development, MS Access, ASP Classic,, etc.

Know About Hostbillo Hosting Solutionsabout hostbillo hosting Solutions

Hostbillo Hosting Solutions comes among the award-winning and top-leading web hosting companies. It offers a varied array of the best Windows shared hosting plans and packages. Each plan or package comes at the cheapest cost possible. Further, the company ensures high-level web hosting facilities with the most advanced technologies.

It provides top-tier equipment and robust hardware tools. Moreover, you acquire excellent support from the technical team of the company with every cheap Window shared hosting plan. 


The company’s highly-proficient professionals are available 24/7 to provide expert and instant solutions to all your server issues. Dive into the segment below to know more about the features that you will acquire with Hostbillo’s Shared windows server hosting. 

Hostbillo Windows Shared Hosting Plan Comes With the following Amazing Features

  • Your website will get the assurance of a 99.90% uptime network with the service level agreement. 
  • The company will provide you with the Plesk control panel to run, control, and manage the tasks or activities on your server smoothly. 
  • You can acquire unlimited databases, as well as unlimited sub-domains with the company’s Windows hosting plan. 
  • The company provides the physical server with twenty times faster speed and redundant power. 
  • You can easily upgrade your plan and scale up your resources according to the growth and necessity of your website. Visit: Slope Unblocked 

What Benefits does Hostbillo Offer to its Users?

Benefits Hostbillo Offers to its Users

Apart from the substantial features, Hostbillo provides the following benefits to its customers with the top Windows shared hosting plans –

7 Days Credit-Back Guarantee

The company respects every penny that its customers invest in the web hosting plans. Therefore, it offers Credit-back assurance within seven days if you do not obtain satisfaction with the provided service. Despite this, the company guarantees you high-quality services and superior customer support.

Data Center Choice

With the Windows shared hosting, you get the possibility to pick a data center situated at your preferred location. This will further help your website deliver the fastest speed, highest network connectivity, and seamless performance to your end customers. 

Advanced Security Measures

Each shared windows hosting plan of the company comes with the standard as well as advanced data protection measures. Your website will acquire DDoS protection, firewall security, transport layer security, inbuilt security software with many other security features. Visit: bagged packaged goods 

Further, the company also provides an automatic data backup facility in order to let you have the assurance of your website’s data protection from every type of security threat. 

Professional Email Accounts

You will also obtain access to unlimited professional email accounts with your Windows virtual private server plan. The company provides unlimited email account accessibility with highly secured POP3/ IMAP. Further, you will be able to access the email accounts easily and swiftly from anywhere at any point in time. 

100% Solid-State Drives data storage

The company provides solid-state drives (SSD) rather than hard-disk drives (HDD) for data storage. With 100% SSD data storage, your website will be able to have high-speed web page loading and smooth performance. 

Free SSL Certificate

The company values the safety of your and your end-customers data with your website. Thus, you will get the SSL certificate for your website free of cost from Hostbillo along with other standard and highly encrypted security measures.

Final Words

When choosing a web hosting platform, you need to consider various elements and necessities. Many times, users can get gobbled up while making the right choice. However, if you are a newbie or beginning your website, Windows shared hosting can serve as the ideal choice. 

Sometimes it becomes difficult to make a choice. 

This hosting solution has been the first preference of many webmasters. Moreover, Hostbillo- Web hosting company provides hyper-scale and intense web hosting services with its shared server.

The company ensures that your website gets the opportunity to perform seamlessly and grow at a faster rate while acquiring a high visitor ratio. 

You can connect to Hostbillo’s professionals right away through a customer support facility in order to get the most suitable Windows shared Web hosting plan for your website. You may also check out the company’s official website to obtain further details for the same.