How to Prepare for A Home Energy Assessment by A Roofing Company in Colorado Springs?

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Regular home energy assessments are one of the best investments you can make on your home since they save a lot of money in fewer energy bills. Homeowners that regularly get home energy assessments done can prevent issues that may cause excess energy consumption.

Energy assessments, also known as home energy audits, are usually performed by roofing companies in Colorado Springs, such as Red Oak Exteriors. While the assessment crews are experts in their jobs, they can benefit from some preparations for the assessment from homeowners can make the evaluation go a lot smoother.

Not to mention you will get a much more accurate report if the assessment team can assess without unnecessary distractions. However, many homeowners, especially ones who are getting the assessment done for the first time, aren’t sure how to prepare for it.

So to help anyone who is about to get their first home energy assessment or want to be better prepared for it, we have created this detailed guide, so read on.

Preparing yourself and your home for energy assessment by a roofing and energy assessment company

There are different ways you can prepare yourself, and your home for a home energy assessment before the home energy and roofing assessment representative arrives. These preparations don’t require any technical skills; however, they can go a long way when getting a proper assessment. With that being said, here are some ways you can prepare for an energy audit:

Preparing your home: Preparing your home for a home energy assessment is one of the most important preparations you can make to make the auditor’s job easy.

When the assessment team has fewer obstacles and can easily reach all the areas of your home, it will get you an accurate assessment report. So before the representative of roofing companies of Colorado arrive at their home, homeowners can prep their homes by:

  • Closing all the windows and doors, so the auditor doesn’t have to spend time doing this simple yet time-consuming task.
  • Ensure the kids are not going to interfere with the assessment or get into danger with the auditors’ equipment.
  • Make sure your pets are in a safe place where they cant interfere with the home assessment.
  • Clear any obstacles that may prevent the assessment team from making their way into the attic, basement and crawl space of your home.
  • If you have a fireplace, make sure to clear any leftover ash from it to make it easier for the assessment team to inspect the fireplace.
  • Ensure that the assessment team can easily access the HVAC unit and there are no lawn equipment or vehicles blocking access to the outdoor unit.
  • There should be any temporary outdoor shade structures in place that may prevent the assessment crew from inspecting the exterior of your home.

Collect at least one year worth of energy bills: Energy bills will help the energy assessment team through Free Solar Estimates to determine if you have been getting the correct amount of bills and whether your home has not been energy efficient during this time.

So instead of hastily collecting energy bills when the assessment crew arrives and starts the assessment, make sure to have the bills ready beforehand.

Create a list of problems you are facing: The home energy assessment is not a one-sided process. In fact, it involves the homeowner’s participation in the form of feedback about the comfort level of the home and the issues they are facing.

Having a list of problems you face with your home’s energy usage and comfort level is a great way to prepare yourself for the assessment.

A visit from a roof and energy assessment company doesn’t cost much, but it will have significant returns for you in the long run. So if you haven’t called an energy assessment company yet, you can do so now that you know how easy it is to prepare for the assessment.

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