Hollywood becomes “Hollyboob”: six people arrested

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LOS ANGELES | Six people were detained by police on Monday for hijacking the iconic Hollywood sign. By replacing the “W” and “D” with “B”, it is the word “breast” which momentarily overlooked Los Angeles.

The photo of the huge “Hollyboob” (“Boob” means “breast” in English) sign, which overlooks Los Angeles, was shared on social networks.

According to NBC Los Angeles, it is the work of activists who wanted to raise awareness about breast cancer. They used thick waterproof tarpaulins to create new letters.

No permanent damage was inflicted on the sign, police told local media.

Los Angeles Police Chief, responsible for Hollywood, Steve Lurie, said the act of vandalism was “really not cool at all.”

“Los Angeles emblems are precious,” he commented on Twitter.

This is not the first time that the letters of Hollywood have been transformed in this way. On three occasions, marijuana enthusiasts had changed them to “Hollyweed” (“weed” means “cannabis”).

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