Hillary Clinton writes a book with a Quebec author

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Former secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will write a thriller with author Louise Penny, who lives in Estrie.

The novel will allow readers to follow the work of a Secretary of State who has just taken office, after four years of a disastrous presidency on the international scene, a synopsis clearly inspired by Mr.me Clinton, who was defeated in the presidential race by Donald Trump in 2016.

The character will be tasked with setting up a team to dismantle a conspiracy responsible for attacks, it was added in a statement Tuesday.


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Author Louise Penny was delighted to write with Mr.me Clinton. “When it was suggested that my friend Hillary and I write a political thriller together, I couldn’t have said ‘yes’ any faster. It was an incredible experience to come to the State Department, to the White House, in the head of a Secretary of State when serious crises erupt, ”she said in a statement.

The source of inspiration, for her part, calls the chance to work with Louise Penny a “dream come true”.

The book is expected in bookstores on October 12th.