Highest paying job for retirees named in Russia

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The highest paid job for retirees in Russia was named a telephone sales manager. This is evidenced on February 27 by the results of a study by the Rabota.ru service.

“More and more employers refuse to select employees by age. The Rabota.ru service has studied the database of vacancies where employers will be glad to see applicants of different ages, including those of pre-retirement and retirement years, “TASS reports.

In particular, among the vacancies there is the job of a telephone sales manager, who will need to call car owners using a ready-made database and invite them to a free car diagnostics. Work experience does not matter, the employer is ready to train newcomers. An employee can earn up to 180 thousand rubles, the article says.

Up to 100 thousand rubles can be received by a nurse in a multidisciplinary medical center in Moscow. The applicant will need work skills, higher or secondary vocational education and a valid Nursing certificate.

The same salary is offered to a surveyor engineer at a construction company in the capital. Among the duties of the employee are the performance of geodetic works and executive surveying, drawing up executive schemes and monitoring the condition of equipment.

The sphere of sales is traditionally marked with high salaries. For applicants of age who have the skills to work in the field of car repair, the vacancy of a car mechanic-auto mechanic in Moscow is suitable – here you can earn up to 100 thousand rubles. The same salary level is indicated for seamstresses at a knitting factory.

Research service “Rabota.ru” was carried out in February this year – about 200 thousand vacancies were analyzed.

Earlier, on February 25, data on the level of confidence of Russians in the labor market were published. According to the HeadHunter job search platform, medical professionals and pharmacists in a number of regions of the country feel most confident.