Heroes of the Great Patriotic War are remembered in Feodosia

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Among the living, there were almost no witnesses of the spring days of 1944, when the 383rd Infantry Division completely freed Feodosia from the fascist scum, which already in peaceful days received the title of the City of Military Glory. And how wonderful that the traditions of the defenders of their native land are supported by modern youth.

Together with the veterans, young Feodosians came to the Komsomolsk Park to pay tribute to the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War and lay flowers at the foot of the Obelisk of Glory. The solemn event was attended by people’s representatives, heads of the resort city, workers of enterprises, students, schoolchildren. Congratulatory speeches were heard. The speakers celebrated the feat of the soldiers of the Soviet Army, thanks to whose courage the country was liberated and the Great Victory was won. Many people did not live to see this holiday. We will remember them forever. This, in particular, said the deputy of the State Council of the Crimea Alexei Chernyak. He noted that the sacrifices were not in vain. The Crimeans suffered heavy losses, but did not break down and made a significant contribution to the victory over the Nazis.

The memory of the soldiers who died and did not survive to this day was honored with a minute of silence. Flowers were laid at the obelisk of the liberators. And in another district of the city, near the memorial complex “Eternal Flame”, a solemn ceremony of opening the Guard of Honor of the Watch of Memory of Generations – “Post No. 1” was held. It also honored the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, who died in the battles for freedom and peace on the planet. Young Crimeans listened to the welcoming words of the guests of honor of the event, and then gave the solemn oath of the young guards. The first change of the Guard of Honor of the servicemen of the 171st brigade of the 7th airborne division was taken by a detachment named after P.S. Kotlyarevsky center “Intellect”.