Here’s Why You Should Opt for a Knockdown-Rebuild.

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In case you are thinking about renovating your home or browsing through ads for new places to move in, we are here to tell you that opting for a knockdown-rebuild will be infinitely more hassle-free and cost effective. A knockdown-rebuild is essentially knocking down the existing structure of your home and then building a brand new one in its place. You may have outgrown your home or want a change around yourself, but moving out or renovating on al already existing structure can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. Compared to these, a knockdown-rebuild will be considerably more suited to your benefits. Read on to know why.


  1. It is a more affordable option.

A knockdown-rebuild sounds like considerable work, but don’t be misled by this. Consider this instance: if you renovate, you would have to bear extra costs per square metre. If you buy a new house, you will have to pay a security deposit, pay you real estate agent, the actual payment and other utilities, and so on. Compared to this, if you bring down your home and rebuild it in the same place, you would be saving up considerably.

In addition to this, you can design your windows and rooms in such a way that it is more energy-efficient, thus reducing utility bills as well. Later, if you plan to sell this house, you would definitely get a more handsome market price- since the cost of the land is likely to keep increasing, and your new home would be more attractive.

  1. You exercise complete control.

The builders will design your house according to how you want. You will be able to build the house of your dreams with your own customisations, rather than having to settle for something that you do not like- which is very likely to happen if you buy a new house. In case of renovations, your contractor may try and trick you into getting only certain designs, again, not guaranteeing complete satisfaction.

  1. You can stay in the same neighbourhood.

When you move to a new place, you have to get acquainted with the area all over again, make new friends and find new contacts. This can be quite stressful, adding to the extra tension of shifting houses. By opting for knockdown-rebuild, you can stay in your own locality and enjoy the benefits, while actually changing your living environment.

  1. You stress less.

Whether it is renovation or moving out to a new place, stress will always hang around you because you are changing the very environment that you have become used to. With too many contractors and homes to choose from, you may become overwhelmed and end up choosing something you are not totally comfortable with. By choosing knockdown-rebuild, you can design your home exactly the way you want without any extra stress.