Here’s What You To Change to Give Your Room A Modern Outlook.

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We as humans get tired of things when we stay in them for too long. If you have been living in your house for a few years, you must be tired of the way your bedroom or living room looks. If you feel like your room has started looking worn out, then it’s time for you to renovate your room.

While renovating or redecorating your room, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Change the colour scheme of your room.

The first thing you need to do is decide the colour scheme for your new room. Remember, your colour scheme should be adaptive to change. A couple of years from now, you might wish to level up your room’s style. Hence, your colour scheme should be inclusive enough that you do not have to spend a hefty amount again in the future.

The ceiling and walls of your room decide the vibe of your room.

Once you’ve chosen the colour scheme, it’s time to choose the wall and ceiling designs for your room. If you want to have a minimal-looking cozy room then you should have glossy walls. The most popular wall designs are nowadays acoustic wall tiles with baffle ceilings. You can find both, wall tiles and baffle ceiling at mumblebydesign.comThe more in sync your walls and ceilings are, the classier your room will look.

Have loads of lighting options.

Your room needs abundant lighting for it to look glossy and elegant. You can opt for layered lighting instead of a couple of lamps. The most recommended option for you is to go for centrally placed ceiling lights. Do not skip on table lamps!

Remember to not place your bed in front of the window. This way you will be blocking the light coming in and that will not be comfortable for you when you wake up every morning with the sun shining on your face.

Don’t go overboard while furnishing.

We all get a little carried away when weare excited about something new. But remember to not go overboard while furnishing your room. An overcrowded room will just be unappealing and unaesthetic for the eye and you will get start getting annoyed by your room. Not to mention, a lot of painful pinky finger-hitting the furniture accidents.

If you want a classy, trendy, and a luxurious looking room, I have two words for you. Go minimal. Nothing says ‘modern’ like a room with minimal furniture. Especially if you are opting for wall tiles and a light colour palette for your room, I repeat, go minimal.

Position the bed and other furniture cleverly.

The positioning of your furniture matters a lot. It is one of the things that makes your room look stunning or…horrible. Therefore, position your furniture pieces cleverly. Place your bed adjacent to the windows and in the centre of the room. Keep your books on the left coffee/side table. Try to not stack books on your tables. Instead of stacking on tables, use wall-hanging bookshelves.