Here’s How to Make Your Own Golf Simulator (It’s So Easy!)

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Having an indoor golf simulator is the dream of every golfer. When it is impossible to go out to play golf, an indoor simulator becomes a lifesaver. You can use it to prepare well for your next faceoff with your friends. The amazing benefits of a golf simulator make every golfer want one.

What keeps the golfers from fulfilling this dream is the high cost. Golf simulators can sometimes cost you an arm and a leg. Thanks to the ever-growing technology, you can now build your own golf simulator at your home. 

Luckily, building your own DIY golf simulator is no rocket science. It is very easy yet effective, and it saves your day. What’s the best part about it? Instead of going to a club, you can invite your friends for practice sessions at your place. 

Steps to Build Your Own Golf Simulator

Building your golf simulator becomes easy when you follow a step-by-step approach. Firstly, you need to buy all the required components. If you plan to build some of them at home, you can then do so. Finally, you need to assemble everything to get the final look.

Following are the detailed steps you need to follow:

Buy a Golf Impact Screen

It is important to give due attention to selecting the right screen for your simulator. You must consider certain factors before buying one. The factors include the type of material, size, and aspect ratio. It is better to get one that supports the net attachment. 

As the name refers, this screen absorbs the ball’s impact when you hit it. You must ensure that it is capable of doing that. It saves the ball from hitting all around your house and damaging property.

An alternate option is to use a hitting net instead of a screen. The majority of golfers prefer a screen for a more realistic experience. It undoubtedly provides a better experience, but if you are looking for a pocket-friendly option, a golf net might be the right choice for you. 

Build Your Golf Enclosure

The next step is to allocate a place and build a golf simulator enclosure. It is a kind of protective cage to secure your simulator. It surrounds the hitting area and keeps your enclosure secure. Besides offering protection, it also adds firmness to the structure.

You can include some additional accessories to enhance your enclosure. You may include a turf, golf mat, net, and overhead lights to make it look more organized. If you don’t want to build a golf enclosure, you can buy one.  

Get a Launch Monitor

A launch monitor is one of the key components needed for building your golf simulator. It helps you track your shots along with relevant analytics so that you can monitor your performance. Having a golf simulator would be of no use if you cannot monitor your performance. 


You will have to buy this for your DIY golf simulator. There are plenty of options available in the market for launch monitors. Choose wisely. Keep your budget into consideration, along with the performance of the device. 

Golf Simulator

Golf Simulation Software and Equipment

You need reliable golf simulation software for your simulator. You might get one free with your launch monitor, but you need a premium version for added features. Luckily, there are different kinds of software available at varying prices. You must select the one that suits your budget and gives you the best results.

Secondly, you would need a computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad to run the software. You can use any of the devices that you already have. Usually, they all work fine with such software. All you need to do is install the software on your device and connect it with the projector.

You will need a projector to display the simulation on the screen. It is not necessary but preferred by most golfers. It elevates your simulation experience and makes it more realistic for you. Choose the one with better display quality and a low throw ratio.

Adding the Final Touch

Once you have everything at your disposal, the next step is putting them together to get the final finishing look. You can begin with placing your impact screen inside the enclosure you have built or bought. You might place the screen first and enclosure afterwards for your convenience. 

Place your hitting mat firmly on the floor. You can then mount your projector and make sure it is all levelled rightly. Then, place your projector screen such that it displays the image right at the center. If you are opting for a hitting net, you can place it at this point. Finally, you can install all the remaining equipment. Connect your computer with the projector to check the display on the screen.

At this point, your golf simulator is ready to be used. If you want to include some additional accessories to make the place comfier, you can surely do it. Depending on the space available in your room, you can make seating arrangements. You may also include a fridge for keeping drinks and display shelves. 

Considerations for Building a Golf Simulator

There are some factors you must keep in mind and take care of while building your golf simulator. They will make all the effort worth it. The factors are mentioned below.

  • Decide on a budget and stick to it. Remember, you do not need a lot of money to build a simulator. Spending the available resources efficiently is the key point of this DIY project.
  • Build your DIY golf simulator in a basement, garage, or spare room. Despite having safety nets and an impact screen, the ball might hit a window or an expensive decoration item if you build it in a standard room.
  • Make sure there is enough space in the room to facilitate your simulator fixtures and settings.
  • Do not compromise on the quality of technology and electronic equipment. Saving some money on the cost in exchange for compromised quality will bring no pleasure from the game that a golfer truly strives to attain.


Setting up a golf simulator is easier than you think. All you have to do is follow all the steps and make sure everything synchronizes well together. Hopefully, this article has helped to eliminate any confusion regarding the idea of a DIY golf simulator. Now you can assemble your own golf simulator easily and take your game to the next level within the comforts of your home.