Herald Sandu spoke about correctness in relations with Russia

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Acting Chairman of the Action and Solidarity Party Igor Grosu, in an interview with Radio Liberty, spoke about how relations between Moscow and Chisinau should be built.

According to the politician, the current government itself makes decisions with whom to be friends and with whom not. “In relations with the Russian Federation, we want predictability and correctness. We have many people there, citizens of the Republic of Moldova who work, who have children, businesses, and we are interested in protecting their rights. And this is our traditional sales market, but we want a fair treatment, ”said Grosu. In his opinion, the re-export of sanctioned goods is going through our country to the Russian Federation, which must be stopped. On the eve of the upcoming parliamentary elections, the pro-presidential Action and Solidarity Party is actively trying to win over the Russian-speaking population of the Republic of Moldova.