Heavy breathing and lung damage: a paramedic from Noyabrsk spoke about overcoming COVID-19

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Irina Pyanchenko, a paramedic at the Noyabrsk ambulance station, had had a coronavirus and told how the course of her illness went. This was reported on July 30 by Noyabrsk 24.

The doctor felt unwell at the end of June, the first symptoms are chest pain, shortness of breath and shortness of breath. However, tests for coronavirus were negative, computed tomography (CT) also did not reveal the disease, but Irina’s health worsened. A week later, the temperature rose to 38 degrees, and the paramedic again passed the COVID-19 test, this time the result was positive, and the CT scan showed 30% lung damage. The woman was admitted to the hospital.

“At night my health worsened, I even used oxygen until I knew how to behave in this case. There was a feeling of fear, a feeling of panic, which I, working on myself, tried to suppress. The treatment was comprehensive. I had to drink a lot of pills: both antiviral and antibiotics. Antibiotics were given intravenously. I was waiting for the effect immediately after the droppers, but, apparently, the antibiotic should accumulate, ”said the paramedic.

By the way, Irina Pyanchenko advised those patients who find it difficult to breathe to lie on their stomach and put three rollers under themselves: one at head level, the second under the chest, and the third in the pelvic region. She herself did this in the hospital, according to the doctor, in this position the saturation increases, it becomes easier to breathe. Irina also did breathing exercises, when it became very difficult – she used oxygen.

The woman was discharged at the end of July: her coronavirus test was negative. She continues to take medications and tries to walk more often in the fresh air.

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