He saves three cats stuck on a burning ship

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A Thai naval soldier swam through the rough waters of the Andaman Sea to rescue four cats trapped on a burning ship, a rescue that has since been around the world.

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On March 2, the Thai navy was called in to check the condition of a sinking ship near the island of Koh Adang, reports the BBC.

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If the authorities feared an oil spill, it was rather four red cats that were discovered perched on the top of the capsized ship.

All of the crew had managed to evacuate, but the cats had stayed behind.

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For 23-year-old marine Thatsaphon Saii, abandoning the animals was out of the question. He grabbed a life jacket, swam nearly 50 feet to the still flaming boat to retrieve the felines.

He placed them on his back before bringing them back to safety.

Apparently the felines have not suffered any injuries and are in good health.

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They are now taken care of by their rescuers at their command post.

On Tuesday, the fishing boat Phamonsin Nava 10 caught fire and had started to sink, about 13 km off the paradise island of Koh Adang.

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The eight crew members of the fishing boat jumped into the sea, and were rescued by a passing fishing boat.

The Thai Navy has received a shower of praise since the unusual rescue, and the young soldier is considered a hero by many.