Harris calls Trump’s pandemic policy biggest setback

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The policy of the administration of US President Donald Trump turned out to be the largest failure in the history of the country, as it failed to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. This opinion was expressed on Wednesday by the Democratic candidate for vice-president of the United States Kamala Harris during a debate with the current vice-president of the Republican Michael Pence. The discussion is taking place at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, and the event is broadcast on mainstream TV channels.

Harris believes that Trump and Pence already had data at the end of January about the danger the coronavirus poses, but did not make it public. “They knew it and hid it,” the democrat said.

According to the contender for the vice president’s post, the Trump team still has no plan. At the same time, Harris stressed that she and the Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden have a plan to fight the coronavirus.

Harris also added that she would not use the coronavirus vaccine if approved by the administration of Republican President Donald Trump.

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