Hannity blasts Biden’s mask ‘masquerade’

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Welcome to “Hannity” this Friday night.

And tonight, we are tracking multiple major stories including new information surrounding New York City mayor, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and America’s two-tiered system of justice.

Plus, we’ll have the very latest from a crisis at our southern border. It is real. It is very much a crisis. Even Joe Biden wants to pretend that it’s not — well, it is.

Also, tonight, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, indications he might be thinking about another presidential run. We will ask him.

Now, remember this Idaho police officer who had this viral TikTok that went out, a video mocking LeBron James? He’s been suspended from the department. The point he made was, well, quite important. He will join us tonight.

But, first, today, Joe Biden, he went to Philadelphia, not far from home, they don’t want to push Joe too much. Once again struggled mightily. Take a look.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: If you think about it when we were — when I was vice president with Barack, he allowed me to put together a budget for Amtrak and it had money for high-speed rail at 200 miles an hour from Char — excuse me, from charlotte, another line going from — in Florida down to Tampa, another line — we had moved, Gov, we’d that tunnel fixed in New York now, the money was there to get it done.


HANNITY: Oh, sorry.

Anyway, it’s not totally clear what Joe is even trying to say. But rest assured he definitely brought along his trusty face mask. I mean, couldn’t find — where’s my mask? Oh, it’s in your pocket, Joe.

Anyway, he now has this weird cult like obsession with his face mask.

Now, thanks to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, Joe Biden is fully vaccinated. He was so way before ever getting into office. Yeah, Joe is clinging to, refusing to stop with the masking even outdoors where his own CDC just announced no risk of transmission.

In fact, he recently said that Americans now need to cancel — they might need to cancel their outdoor Fourth of July celebrations because of COVID concerns. Even canceled the fireworks display at Mount Rushmore. Now, Kristi Noem was suing him over that.

And yesterday, while walking outside with his wife, the first lady, she’s also vaccinated — well, Joe and Jill still wear the masks. And after an outdoor speech in Georgia, alongside several other vaccinated people, Joe Biden broke into a panic as he was frantically searching for his lost mask. My mask, he screamed. My mask, I can’t find it and he found it in his pockets.

Just today, during an interview on NBC, Joe claimed he would continue to wear a mask at all times indefinitely because it is his patriotic duty to do so. Take a look.


BIDEN: You and I took our masks off because look at the distance we are, if we were, in fact, sitting there and talking to one another close, I’d have my mask on, and I’d make you to have mask, even though we both have been vaccinated.

And so, it’s a small precaution to take that has a profound impact. It’s a patriotic responsibility, for God’s sake. It’s making sure your wife, your children if they haven’t been vaccinated, making sure that they’re not going to get sick.


HANNITY: Okay, all the governments but telling America, all of you out there, to get vaccinated and guess what, got a couple hundred million Americans vaccinated now or we promised life would then return to normal, told by Joe, get the vaccine, ordering pretty much — get the vaccine, for God’s sakes as he always says. Overwhelming evidence is that the vaccines work, he keeps telling us.

So, our question is, why is Mr. Follow the Science still wearing a mask and what kind of message is he sending here? Does he want Americans to think the vaccines maybe have suspicious they’re not as effective as they’ve been telling us? Does he want mass mandate social distancing in perpetuity forever? You know how is it that — how is any of this getting us back to normal life?

And get this today after admitting that there’s not overwhelming evidence that kids transmit COVID-19, Joe said America’s schools should probably all be open by next fall. Why probably by next fall? Why not right now?

Schools in Florida, just as a point, they have been open since last August.

And clearly, Joe isn’t following the science. Masks, lockdowns, living in fear that has now become a new political identity of the left. Now, Biden’s considering a measure to force all members of our military, the U.S. military to get the vaccine, mandating they get the vaccine whether they want it or not.

Now, I’m sorry, but I would think that needs to be a decision made between a patient and a doctor because Dr. Joe knows nothing about the medical condition of every person in the military. And if the military has this mandate, well, the next logical question is, is — we’re going to mandate this for everybody?

I’ll say it again I’m not in any way — let me be very clear — I am not at all anti-science. I love science. I’m not anti-vaccine at all. I’m actually grateful that scientists, medical experts were able to develop one in record time.

But I’m not a doctor either and I’m not going to play one on TV and tell you what you should do that would be your individual choice and you’ve got to make that decision for yourself.

Now, I suggest, in consultation with your doctor or doctors or doctors that you know and respect, I would urge all of you to read as much information as you can, then you and your doctor get to decide. And by the way, your decision you should have the right to medical privacy.

Any government mandate would be an abuse of power. But make no mistake, the radical socialists left, they don’t seem to care. They crave power over all of our daily lives, that’s what they seem to want above all else. That’s what D.C. state is about. That’s what the court packing is about. That’s what — that’s what HR-1 is about.

And as a means to an end, they seem perfectly happy to divide Americans along racial socioeconomic lines, rich versus poor, black versus white, men versus women.

On the campaign trail, candidate Biden called President Trump’s COVID-19 — remember he called the travel ban, he called it hysterical xenophobic and fearmongering. He tweeted that banning all travel from any part of the world will not stop COVID-19.

Well, take a look at your screen because Biden is now set to become hysterical xenophobic and racist because he wants a travel ban to India to limit the spread of COVID-19.

So, is it now suddenly not racist, not xenophobic and hysterical? Why? Because the Democrats in office? Going to get the same loud criticism from the media mob?

And what about the left’s reaction to Senator Tim Scott after his, well, GOP response that was beyond impressive to Biden’s joint address. Well there are a lot of racial slurs about Senator Scott, it trended on Twitter for 12 long hours.

Hey @jack at Twitter you would have suspended a conservative or permanently banned them, why did it take so long Jack? And on TV, the racially charged rhetoric from the left about Tim Scott was absolutely repulsive, despicable and downright racist.

Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why was he chosen to give this rebuttal? He was chosen because he is the only black Republican senator. He is that person. He is the person that Republicans want to put out front because of the problem of racism in this country and he knows that. And so, I was sort of disappointed that he was used in this way.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This was standard Republican pabulum. This could have been delivered by Tom Cotton or Mike Lee. America’s not a racist country. There’s no racism here.

It’s — I’m not sure what the purpose of this was.


HANNITY: Now, today, all of a sudden, Biden agreed with Senator Scott’s remarks and said that guess what, he doesn’t think that the American people are racist. Okay, what about people in your own party, Joe? Are you going to hold them accountable for the vicious, vile, hateful things that they said, repulsive epithets that were thrown at Senator Scott?

The Democrats smearing Senator Scott, they just get a free pass — just like you did, Joe, I guess for decades when you tried to stop school integration and work with the former Klansman or when you co-authored the crime bill use the word predators or maybe we could all agree on a set of facts that institutional racism doesn’t exist, that the vast majority of people on both sides of the aisle are not racist.

Sure, there are ignorant racist people. We all know them. Nobody that’s intelligent that has half a brain wants anything to do with them.

But the left will never agree to these terms because the politics of race the politics of division it’s critical for the Democrats in their quest for power.

Here with reaction, FOX News contributor Lara Trump along with FOX News contributor Joe Concha.

Let’s start, Lara, your reaction to Senator Tim Scott which I found repulsive.

LARA TRUMP, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it’s absolutely ridiculous I mean some of the commentary you heard there is in and of itself racist. How about the fact that maybe the Republican Party chose Tim Scott to deliver this message because he was well equipped to do so. He’s an intelligent individual. He’s a well-respected senator within our party. Yet of course they defer immediately to race because that is all they know.

And by the way, Joe Biden, if you say that you don’t believe that this is a racist country then I guess we’ll be hearing you condemning Black Lives Matter. I guess you’re going to come out and say that you no longer believe in critical race theory being taught in our schools, 1619 Project. Critical race theory teaches people and our children to judge one another not based on the content of their character but solely on the color of their skin. It would have our children growing up hating this country and hating one another because they do not look alike.

It is absolutely disgusting but this is again. It’s part of what the Democrats do they always turn what they’re doing, and they try to say Republicans are doing it. What a disgusting display that was.

HANNITY: Joe Concha, I’ve complimented you before. I think you are probably the best-informed student and columnist on the media you deserve your own media show here on FOX, by the way. You do such a good job and I honestly, you’ve been watching the media all these years.

You ever see anything quite this bad, the fact that in this day and age of cancel culture, woke America, that you can say the things that were said about Senator Scott?

JOE CONCHA, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, first of all, Sean, thanks for the kind words. Clearly, you have Venmo and clearly you got that payment that I sent you earlier for that introduction. So thank you for that. I appreciate.

I don’t take compliments well. I’m sorry.

Look, I want to go to that Biden interview, and I’ll answer your question by just giving a small example as far as what we saw with him on NBC with Craig Melvin and how to push back when the president makes such a ridiculous claim. So Biden said that if he was closer than six feet during that interview, he would put his mass back on.

So, I would say if I were in Melvin’s position, OK, Mr. President, you’re vaccinated, correct? Yes, okay, I’m vaccinated, right? Yes. The vaccines work, right? Yes.

So why do you have to put a mass back on if all those things are true? I want to hear the president answer that question because we saw it during the joint session to Congress where you have the president walk in with a mask on to get to the podium to take the mask off and everybody else including the House Speaker and the vice president behind him are both wearing masks, despite everybody being vaccinated.

And what we’re seeing now, what you’re not seeing in media reports is that vaccinations while they were going up for months, rising steadily, in the past two weeks, we are seeing a drop now in terms of the number of vaccinations that are being administered. And I wonder if it’s because of the optics that you’re seeing there on the screen where lawmakers who swear that the vaccine works and swear that you should go out and get it continue to wear masks when the CDC at to your point earlier says it is perfectly safe in indoor settings if everybody is vaccinated not to wear a mask.

So optics matter and this president and this vice president and this speaker of the House simply do not get it.

HANNITY: Joe Concha, good luck on that show. You deserve it. Thank you both.

All right. Now, we turn to America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, now facing a federal investigation over potential FARA violations. Now, something to keep in mind, most FARA violations involved an America not registering foreign work appropriately with the U.S. federal government.

There are guidelines you have to do the registration. Okay, that’s what it usually means. So, the question tonight is, when is zero experience Hunter Biden will he be held accountable? Because Hunter Biden — he made millions from, let’s see, Russian oligarchs, Kazakhstan oligarchs, we know about Burisma in Ukraine, no experience that we can find whatsoever, and by his own admission no experience. And then, of course, China and sketchy foreign entities — all seem to have one common denominator, a connection to his father.

Former Mayor Giuliani has a copy of Hunter’s hard drive that we are told, yes, we actually have sources of our own independent sources have confirmed to me that has loads of evidence of lots of potential, not only misconduct but law breaking. But the feds didn’t want those electronic devices. They didn’t seem interested. Take a look.


RUDY GIULIANI, FORMER NEW YORK CITY MAYOR: At the end of the surge, when they had taken about I’d say seven or eight electronic items of mine which is what they took and two of someone else’s, they weren’t taking the three hard drives which of course are electronic devices. They just mimic the computer. I said, well, don’t you want these? And they said, what are they? I said, those are Hunter Biden’s hard drives and they said, no, no, no, no. I said, are you sure you don’t want them? I mean, the warrant required them to take it and they said, no, no.


HANNITY: More and more, I am concerned for this country. Do we have a two- tiered system of justice because it looks like it’s in full effect? In other words, we don’t have equal justice and equal application of our laws, then guess what, we really don’t have a justice system and it seems to only be getting worse under Biden.

One of the administration’s recent DOJ nominee, a woman named Kristen Clarke, once called for defunding of the police. Last year in an op-ed entitled: Defund the police but be strategic, Clark referred to defunding police as a unifying call from the Black Lives Matter movement. But on Capitol Hill, she seemed to have selective amnesia about her own op-ed. Take a look.


SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): You just said you don’t support cutting funds from police. I find that astonishing and, Ms. Clarke, frankly not credible because I’m holding the article you wrote, and I actually pulled out a highlighter and highlighted the beginning of each paragraph going through.

And about midway through, you have a paragraph that says, we must invest less in police and more in social workers. The next paragraph is, we must invest less in per police and more in social support to our schools. The next paragraph begins, we must invest less in police and more mental health aid.

Three paragraphs in your article you begin with the words we must invest less in police, and you just told this committee under oath you don’t support investing less in police. How do you square those?


HANNITY: Oh, by the way, she also we now know too, reported during law school, helped organize a conference of speakers, oh, who referred to convicted cop killers as political prisoners. You know, that included Mumia Abu-Jamal who murdered Philadelphia police officer and someone convicted of murdering a New Jersey state trooper.

Senator Cruz questioned her about that. Take a look.


CRUZ: Did you organize the conference, and do you support celebrating those who murder police officers as heroes and political prisoners?

KRISTEN CLARKE, DOJ NOMINEE: That conference you’re referring to was organized by the late Dr. Manning Maribel, a noted historian who led the Institute for Research in African American Studies. I was a student providing support for the institute, working on a range of projects. To the second question, Senator, no, I do not celebrate the loss of life.

CRUZ: So, if you say you didn’t organize the conference, why did multiple speakers at the conference thank you by name for inviting them to speak at the conference?

CLARKE: Because I was a hard-working student that made sure people were fed, mailed out invitations, provided the agenda.


HANNITY: Now, can a person who praises the idiotic defund movement and be a part of a conference like that be qualified to serve in the DOJ? Tonight, her nomination is pending. So now might be a good time to contact your senator and let them know what you think.

Here with reaction, author of the “Case Against New Censorship”, Harvard professor Alan — law professor Alan Dershowitz, who is also advising Giuliani’s legal team, along with FOX News legal analyst, Greg Jarrett.

Somebody that participates in such a conference as Ted Cruz described and she admitted to, to me, would be disqualified from such a position, Professor.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, HARVARD LAW PROFESSOR: I agree. I don’t think she is qualified to be an assistant secretary of the Justice Department, I think both the defunding the police and participating in a conference of that kind. I very much worry about the Justice Department now.

I was very encouraged when President Biden appointed the attorney general, but the idea of him allowing a search warrant to be directed at a lawyer who could easily have just responded to a subpoena, imagine if a search warrant went to your doctor or to your priest, and the government’s answer is, oh, don’t worry, we’ll get the information you told your priest, we’ll tell you get the information you told your doctor, but only some of us will see it. Only a taint team will see it. And if it’s privileged, we won’t turn it over to other prosecutors.

Would any of us tolerate that? And that’s the same with a lawyer. You don’t go after a lawyer’s cell phone and computer with a broad-based search warrant and then say we’re only giving it to some prosecutors and not to other prosecutors. I have been arguing this for 50 years and I would have thought that this Justice Department would have more sensitivity not only to the rights of Rudy Giuliani, but to the rights of his clients and to the rights of clients and patients all over the country who are subject now to having their privileged information read by government officials.

HANNITY: Thank you both. This is a chilling time for everybody.

When we come back, Chris Christie will join us for an exclusive interview covering a wide range of topics. One of them is he contemplating a run for the presidency and much, much more, straight ahead.



HANNITY: Right now, Joe Biden’s speech on Wednesday was nothing more than a stream of reckless spending, more taxes, more taxes, higher taxes, more debt, more amnesty and more questions about how we — how you will pay for all of this.

Now, it was unimpressive, it was impractical, totally divorced from reality, and even some Democrats are asking tough questions like West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. He says he’s uncomfortable with the cost of this massive agenda.

According to former New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, Biden’s address sounded like a 15-year-old if you gave them a credit card with no limit. And get this, according to a new report from “Axios” tonight, friends close to Christie believe he’s going to run for president in 2024.

And here to respond to all of this, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Okay, are you thinking about running for president? Ask that one — we’ll get that one out of the way first.

CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), FORMER NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR: Hey, listen, I certainly am not ruling it out, Sean. A long way to go yet, but I’m not going to rule it out. I think I have a lot to say, and a lot to do for the country in the future. So, we’ll see how the — see how the next few years go.

HANNITY: Would you challenge Donald Trump in a primary?

CHRISTIE: I wouldn’t — I would not make my decision based on anyone else who’s running, Sean. If I believe I’m the right person and if my family supports it, those are the two things that would be most important to me.

HANNITY: Okay. You have been at times critical of Donald Trump. On the other hand, the agenda is pretty clear. He believes in liberty, freedom, right, low taxes, less bureaucracy. He wants constitutionalists on the bench, law and order, signature Trump, right? Safety and security in our cities.

He fights for school choice, secure borders, energy independence, free and fair trade, peace through strength, protecting pre-existing conditions but free market solutions for health care.

Do you disagree with any of that agenda?

CHRISTIE: No. I — Sean, I agree with all — that entire agenda and something that I fought for my entire political career.

But I don’t think any of these decisions ever about running for president should be made based upon what other people are doing. I think they have to be based on what you believe in your mind and your heart is best for the country.

And so, it’s so long away, Sean. We have no way of predicting what this is going to look like. Believe me if we were sitting here in 2013, no one was predicting that Donald Trump was going to run for president in 2016. So, let’s wait to see what happens.

HANNITY: Overall, how do you grade Trump as president?

CHRISTIE: Oh, listen, overall, I give the president an A, you know?

But the fact of the matter is that there were some things that happened specifically at the end of the presidency that I think had some things that clouded his accomplishments. And that’s why we as a as a party need to emphasize the issues you just talked about and be talking about those because I think those are still incredibly popular with the American people and I think that election was much more about personality than it was about our issues.

And the proof of that, Sean, is that you got 15 members — Republican members of the House that are new. You flipped a governorship, you flipped two legislative chambers. Republicans had a great night up and down the ticket, and you know we’ve got to remember that it’s because of the issues that we stand for and what we’re willing to fight for, like fighting against the craziness that is in this Joe Biden bill.

For instance, like a new provision that would pay someone 75 percent of their salary in unemployment insurance if they quit their job. I mean, this is insane. You don’t have to get fired or laid off but you get unemployment if you quit for what they call good cause.

Well, in this administration, good cause might be if someone’s feelings were hurt. The American people are not going to stand for that kind of craziness, and that’s why I’m speaking out and saying that the president, President Biden, is not telling the truth about these plans and he needs to be called out as a liar.

The liberal media was more than happy to call — use that word — on President Trump over and over again. But for some reason, we can’t use it on Joe Biden. Well, I’m not going to hesitate using it because a lie is a lie.

HANNITY: He’s lied a lot and I agreed with your comments on all of those things.

Let me ask you about, for example, I think every state should have voter ID, signature verification. I think we have to have monitored chain of custody by both parties. I think partisan observers must be able to watch the vote count — that’s actually in the statutory language of most states.

And certainly, I think cleaning up voter rolls should be done every year before every election.

A lot of that didn’t happen. Do you believe as I do that that should be mandatory in every state, all of those things or anything you’d add or subtract?

CHRISTIE: Well, listen I — there’s nothing that you just talked about that I disagree with. In fact, when I was governor of New Jersey, we cleaned up the voter rolls in a way that had never been done before in our state and, you know, our state has such a history of voter fraud that one of my Democratic predecessors, Brendan Byrne, said that he made his wife promise that he’d be buried in Jersey City, New Jersey, so he could stay active in politics.

So, you know, we’re doing those kind — we did those kinds of things when I was governor. But more importantly, on the ID issue, we’ve seen recent polls that show that nearly 80 percent of all Americans support that.

And I don’t understand, Sean, if I go into an office building in New York City, I have to show my ID. But I don’t have to show my ID if I vote? That makes no sense to me at all.

HANNITY: Let me — let me ask you. So, Joe Biden is saying even ma — vaccinated people need to be wearing mask, you know, for God’s sakes, his words, right?

Now, my understanding was if he got the vaccine that life would return to normal and life at normal was not what we saw at the joint session of Congress speech this week, and it’s not — every — every — if he’s on a Zoom call, he’s the only world leader wearing a mask.

And I just find that part odd. Do you believe the vaccinations as we have been told, that once vaccinated, it protects you with a high rate of efficacy from contracting the coronavirus? And should — wasn’t that — where’s the promise to return to normal life is my question?

CHRISTIE: And not only that, Sean, it not — the science not only shows that it protects you from getting the virus and getting sick yourself, it protects you from transmitting the virus to someone else.

So, look, we should have been back in school in September all across this country. In September of 2020, we still only have 43 percent of the kids back in school. We should be allowing people who have taken both doses of their vaccine to be able to go back to doing what they do, businesses should all be open. Ballparks should all be open, arenas should all be open. This is something that when people are vaccinated, they should be able to participate, as if this not had not happened.

And so, I don’t understand why the delay in that — I don’t understand why the president continues to urge it, when his own CDC is saying something completely different. And that’s obviously about politics, Sean.

HANNITY: And they changed their mind. Yeah, let me talk about last question —


HANNITY: Yeah, all right. Six trillion dollars in spending, we know the numbers don’t add up. Biden says he can do it, not add to the deficit. Okay, you don’t need to be an MIT graduate to figure it out.

But then it’s court packing, then it’s D.C., Puerto Rico statehood, then it’s ending the legislative filibuster. Then it’s open borders amnesty, ignoring the laws that are currently in place like sanctuary cities and states. Why do I believe that if I ever aided and abetted law breaking, like is now institutionalized in states and the situation at our Southern border, why do I think I probably get arrested and put in jail for the rest of my life?

CHRISTIE: Well, because you’re right. You would be.

And here’s the — here’s the fact here. All of those things should focus Republicans like a laser on 2022. Elections have consequences and us losing those two seats in the Georgia Senate races have made all of this possible, Sean, all of it possible. We need to be loud and proud about what we stand up for.

I said the president was lying about the Georgia voting law because he was lying and is lying about the Georgia voting law. I said he’s not telling the truth about an infrastructure package that only spends about 24 percent of the total of what we know is infrastructure. I said he was lying about the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that spent only 10 percent on health care.

I mean, we can’t allow ourselves to sit back and wait for something to happen. We have to alert the American people to the fact that these things are happening right now because that’s what’s going to stop court packing, that’s what’s going to stop ending the legislative filibuster, because we’re calling them out as someone who doesn’t tell the truth.

HANNITY: Last last question. Rudy Giuliani was the person that first introduced me to you. I don’t know if you remember as I do, but he was the one that introduced you to —

CHRISTIE: I sure do.

HANNITY: Okay. Now, we know that there were referrals in Inspector General Horowitz’s report, right? Why is it — we still don’t have a Durham report, we had premeditated fraud on a FISA court with the phony dossier, Russian disinformation dossier that Hillary paid for.

You watch what happened with Rudy. He had offered this apparently to the prosecutors. I really believe at this point in American history, I’m concerned we don’t have equal justice and application of our laws. Do you see what I see?

CHRISTIE: I’m very concerned. I’m very concerned, Sean, about the fact that there would be a search warrant executed on the home and office of a lawyer without regard to the attorney-client privilege. When I was a U.S. attorney, we were very, very reluctant to do things like that. And so I’m concerned about that.

But let me tell you something, Sean, as you know, I was a victim of the Obama-Biden Justice Department. When they came after me and the Supreme Court had to reverse the 9-0. We’ve got to be vigilant about this and I’m – – you know, I am a supporter of Rudy’s and you know that, I’ve been there for 15 years.

HANNITY: All right. Governor, thank you for being with us. Appreciate it.

When we come back on this Friday night, Biden continues to push his dangerous America last immigration agenda. We’ll give you updates. We’ll be checking in with Matt Schlapp and the Arizona attorney general’s doing great work, Mark Brnovich, is going to join us, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Now, even some Democrats are beginning to call out Biden for his massive border failure and his worsening humanitarian and security crisis at the border and by the way, frankly, it’s complete border neglect. Even Arizona Democratic Senators Mark Kelly and Kristen Sinema this week both pushback on the Biden administration downplaying what is utter chaos in a mitigated disaster.

Senator Kelly in reaction to Wednesday’s speech said in a statement: What I didn’t hear tonight was a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border. And shortly after, while Senator Sinema’s office echoed similar statements.

But, of course, Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care because he’s completely surrendering to the new extreme left.

Now, just look at how he reacted to abolish ICE protesters as yesterday’s tiny barely attended waste of time event, minor pep rally in Georgia. Take a look.


BIDEN: Most of all, I want to thank you the people of Georgia.

PROTESTERS: End detention now! End detention now! End detention now! End detention now! End detention now!

Abolish ICE!

Close all the detention centers now! Please!

BIDEN: I agree with you. I’m working on it, man. Give me another five days.


HANNITY: Here with reaction, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, along with American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp.

Mr. Attorney General, let me let me start with you.

First of all, I got to be blunt here. I don’t believe Senator Kelly for one second. Senator Kelly is up for re-election in 2022. And so he only said that because he’s been one of the most reliable sycophantic socialist advocates in the U.S. Senate. So I think this is a show statement for him because he knows Arizonans know that there’s chaos at the border.

Am I wrong or am I right?

MARK BRNOVICH (R), ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Sean, you’re 100 percent right. Think about that, Senator Kelly was able to vote for COVID, a bloated COVID relief bill that literally prohibited the states from cutting taxes and he hasn’t said jack about the border until just now.

I mean, think about it. On his first day, Joe Biden stopped construction of the wall. We’ve sued him over that.

Months ago, we sued them over the pause of deportation. He said nothing.

We — it’s expected that 2 million people will illegally cross our border this year. That’s like the entire state of Nebraska and Mark Kelly said nothing.

So I think I’m guessing this is the way these guys work in D.C. is that they do a poll and they figure out, oh my gosh, that’s what I need to say.

The reality is he’s do nothing Kelly, the Biden administration has told people like me that want to enforce the rule a lot of pound sand and we need to keep doing everything we can to hold them accountable.

HANNITY: Yeah. Match Schlapp, to me, it’s raw politics and I believe that because he’s in a state that’s a purple state, can vote Republican. I think that, you know, any number of people including the attorney general on with you right now would run a good race and have a great potential to win out there.

So I think these comments are not genuine because he’s not mentioned or uttered a word prior to this.

MATT SCHLAPP, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION CHAIRMAN: No, I agree with that, Sean, but I’m going to disagree a little bit. I think the center of gravity on immigration and the crisis at the border is changing in our politics. I actually think you’re going to see more Democrats like Democrat Henry Cuellar from Texas who’s starting to be a lot more critical over the last two weeks —

HANNITY: No, no, no, no, he’s been great.

SCHLAPP: — realizing that —

HANNITY: But I think it’s sincere and yeah, he’s great (ph).


SCHLAPP: I do too, but I also think Mark Kelly’s being a complete politician who’s following the winds. But guess what? Those winds demonstrate that more Democrats are going to realize you cannot defend what is going on at that border.

And I think this is going to change our politics going into the midterm elections like things we haven’t really seen before. Democrats cannot continue to say, look at what’s happening in the Democratic Party. Joe Biden goes to Georgia and those protesters who interrupted his pathetic event as you described it, they’re going to win this argument, Sean.

But yet I know by talking to reporters who are talking to Biden’s top officials in the administration, they are panicked because it is a big magnet of amnesty. If you come to the border, Joe Biden eventually is going to let you come into this country, you’re going to be able to come here illegally. And they know that if that happens, like it happened throughout the first 100 days, there’s no end in sight to — it would be Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, you can rack up the states that would equal the population of the illegals that are going to come into this country.

And that will create chaos in this country like we have never seen.

HANNITY: Thank you both.

All right. When we come back Idaho police officer Nate Sylvester, you know, the guy that did the tick tock video saying, oh, LeBron there’s a stabbing occurring, what do you think we ought to do, making fun of — he’s been disciplined and suspended for putting a that on TikTok. Oh excuse, me calling out LeBron James for going after the guy that was a hero in the incident save an innocent unarmed woman’s life. He’s next with Leo 2.0 Terrell, straight ahead.


HANNITY: It’s time to end this attack on law enforcement. In this climate, nobody will want to defend anybody. And it’s time to end the irresponsible rhetoric being fueled like figures like LeBron James and prominent Democrats in the media mob as we showed you earlier in the week. A police officer in Idaho released this viral video mocking LeBron James’ reckless and irresponsible remarks about police following the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting. He put up a video, your next of the police officer that seemed an unarmed innocent woman’s life. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) riot and disturbance. Will you have LeBron call my cell phone right away please? Thank you.

Excuse me, sir, excuse me. No, can you put the knife down please? No, no, sir, don’t stab — no stop stabbing — hold on. Hold on, it’s LeBron.

LeBron, hey, it’s me again, I’m out here on at disturbance call and there’s a guy trying to stab a guy with another knife? What do you think I should do? Why does that matter?

OK. Well, they’re both black. So you don’t care if a black person kills another black person but you do care for white cop kills a black person, even if he’s doing to save the life of another black person? I mean, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but then, again, you are really good at basketball. So, I guess I’ll take your word for it.


HANNITY: In response to the marshal’s officer apparently investigating the matter and addressing it, quote, internally. Really? For a viral video totally on the mark?

Here now exclusively to explain, Idaho Deputy Nate Silvester who you saw in that video, along with civil rights attorney, FOX News contributor, Leo 2.0 Terrell.

Officer, thank you for being with us.

I watch that video. Number one, it was funny but more important, it was impactful. We’ve all watched the video. This young woman, the woman in pink in the Ma’Khia Bryant case pinned against the car, a knife clearly, you could see the knife loaded up, a lethal weapon within a fraction of a second, that knife is going to be thrust into the heart, the neck, wherever of this unarmed woman.

That police officer likely saved a girl’s life. And you point that out in this TikTok video just how hard your job is and you’re suspended for it? You’re getting in trouble because of that?

NATE SILVESTER, POLICE OFFICER DISCHARGED OVER VIRAL TIKTOK VIDOE: Yeah, you know, I don’t know if anybody can watch that video from Columbus, Ohio, and not believe that officer was justified in his actions. You’re correct, I am in a predicament because that TikTok video.

HANNITY: OK. What is your predicament, what can you tell us?

SILVESTER: Well, basically what you just mentioned. It’s all — it’s all correct. I have been suspended and the issue is being handled internally in my department.

HANNITY: Yeah, this is now happening. A phenomenon in New York City — a billion-dollar cut to the police, people are retiring, leaving the force in droves. I’ve never seen anything like it. Two hundred officers in Seattle, they left.

I had Governor Kristi Noem on my radio show today and she had put out a tweet saying, come to South Dakota, we appreciate your hard work, we respect your hard work, we will not defund you.

Would you consider moving, taking Governor Noem up on her offer?

SILVESTER: Well, you know, I’ve had similar offers over the past week or so and I have considered it, nothing is off the table just yet. For now, I do still have a job with my department. So, I’m just going to have to wait and see what happens.

HANNITY: But I think you’re being unfairly treated.

Leo 2.0 Terrell, I believe in that video, an innocent woman’s life was saved and I think the actions in a fraction of a second, that officer prevented what could’ve been a tragedy.

What would LeBron James say if it was his daughter about to be stabbed? Leo?

LEO TERRELL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, let me first of all say this. Officer, I would like to go to your state and shake your hand and give you one of my hats from Sean Hannity, you are a great American.

Let me be very clear, we should go do a go fund page for this officer who’s losing wages. Let me be very clear, Sean, I’ve been on your show for the last couple of weeks. That officer has been saying the same thing I have been saying that LeBron James, first of all, put a bull’s-eye on that officer’s back when he tweeted out and subsequently deleted.

Secondly, the officer’s conduct was justified. You cannot please the left. You’re either going to allow a black girl to kill another black girl or you are going to save a black girl’s life by shooting and defending that black girl by using deadly force. You cannot win, with the left and that’s what it is.

They look at the race card as a profitable business. You can never please them no matter if the officer did everything right. Every — officer — anyone involved in law enforcement knows darn well that officer had to make a split-second decision and he made the correct decision, LeBron James.

HANNITY: More “Hannity” next.


HANNITY: Special programming reminder. Next week, we are headed to sunny California for one reason, and In-N-Out burger, but really to interview Caitlin Jenner, talk about the recall of Gavin Newsom, candidacy that she has going, and can California ever turn red again.

All right. But that’s all the time we have left for this evening. Hope you set your DVR and never miss an episode.

We’re always independent. We’ll never be the media mob.

And let not your hearts be troubled, Laura Ingraham takes it home on this Friday night. Have a good weekend.

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