Handelsblatt predicted Germany’s reaction in the event of a war between Russia and NATO

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The publicist Wolfgang Munchau, in an article for the German edition of Handelsblatt, assessed the possible actions of Germany in the event of an armed conflict between Russia and NATO.

The point of tension, the author of the article notes, may be the struggle for the so-called “Suwalki corridor” – a section that can connect Belarus and the Kaliningrad region, at the moment the Polish-Lithuanian border passes there.

This area is a hypothetical place for the start of hostilities, says Munchau.

“I see absolutely no chances that Germany will ever take part in a military action against Russia, even if she invades the Baltic states,” wrote Munchau.

As an argument, the publicist cited the words of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who argued that Germany “owes” Russia the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as “atonement” for actions during World War II.

The NATO maneuvers in the Suwalki corridor, according to Munchau, are saber-rattling.

Earlier, on April 20, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the United States and NATO continue their provocative activities in the airspace and waters of the Black Sea. According to him, the unstable state of affairs is observed in a number of countries in the Middle East region and the Caucasus.

A source in the Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, said that such a decision is aimed at the West’s desire to influence the political course of Moscow.

On April 18, it became known that two ships of the British Navy in May will go to the Black Sea – a destroyer armed with anti-aircraft missiles and an anti-submarine frigate.