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Talk about diversity in fashion by one brand? Gul Ahmed is the name for it. Gul Ahmed believes in the fact that beauty is universal. The brand challenges all the possibilities and limitations when it comes to weaving, printing, embroidery and embellishments on the outfit. Fabric is not just mere fabric for them – it is a canvas for an artist who treats it with love and thought process that reflects on every product that Gul Ahmed has to offer.

From unstitched, pret, home items and accessories – the brand is providing everything you can look for under one roof. Clothing for men and women is what has made the brand reach the highest ranks in brands across Asia and is the go to choice for its customers every season. The brand not only focuses on the clothing but has made its mark in the fashion industry with their home items including bedding, cushions and bath items.

Whenever you think about going shopping for clothing and home items, you definitely do not have to think twice about choosing Gul Ahmed. The brand is the name of reliability. Each design on each product of Gul Ahmed describes the essence of our tradition and culture.

Beginning with clothing, the brand came with the name ideas by Gul Ahmed and made their pret wear unstitched of women and men both as the talk of the town with unique and intricate detailing, fine quality and rich fabric selection. The textile is by the brand itself and that is why they do not risk it at all. Lawn, winter, chiffon, festive collections and western – the brand has it all. From everyday wear kurtis, unstitched embroidered collections and semi formal articles – everything can be found under one roof by Gul Ahmed.

The brand has been in the fashion industry for a long time now and every season the brand never fails to come up with a collection that will stand out in the market for a mass audience. Western clothing of the brand is the go to choice for the working women – when you want to look your best in your office attire – Gul Ahmed’s western wear collection is the best place to find what you are looking for.

Each piece of clothing by the brand including the festive pret and unstitched collection has to be our favourite this year! From the fabric collection and intricate designs on each piece has made their each collection every year a must have. The brand not only offers an amazing collection in clothing for men and women but also has the best home accessories that you definitely need.

The collection names like Rang Angan, organic 2021, Malmal collection, chunri collection, premium lawn, vintage garden – these are the some collections that have been the most purchased and successful collections of the brand. With vintage and colorful designs on each article has made the collections the best of the season.

The brand is affordable and is for the mass market. Affordable prices is definitely what we all look for when we shop online and Gul Ahmed’s each collection is affordable and provides amazing discounts and sales to its customers. Price range varies as per the fabric and collection that is meant for that specific season. But Gul Ahmed would never go wrong with creating unique collections and pieces that compliments every customer and proves the brand’s philosophy of creating pieces that define traditional and cultural essence with excellent quality and service.

LAAM is now Pakistan’s one stop shop for purchasing all the famous brands and designers of Pakistan and Gul Ahmed is the name added in that list. You can purchase the summer unstitched collections by Gul Ahmed now exclusively available at LAAM. Get amazing discounts and experience online shopping with LAAM!

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