GRU again “caught” in sabotage

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Someone Hristo Grozev, who collaborates with the online edition Bellingcat, said that “with a high degree of probability” the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia was involved in the explosions of Ukrainian ammunition depots in 2014-2015, reports Strana.

In an interview with the Espresso TV channel, the investigator called it already proven that the GRU was involved in the incidents in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. “The handwriting is quite standard and is repeated in each of the explosions: they always brought with them remote control detonators with electric charging, that is, they could activate the detonator even from a mobile phone. But they always first set fire to the warehouses, and only then activated the detonator, ”Grozev revealed the secrets of the GRU. I wonder how he could explain the fire in military warehouses on October 7, 2020 in the village of Zheltukhino, Ryazan Region? Did the Russian special services also arrange it? The scheme is the same as in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. In July 2018, in the USA, in the state of Pennsylvania, army warehouses were burning. It will not be surprising if Washington soon decides that Russia is to blame for this too.