Grow your business – 6 top digital marketing tools

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Today, technological transformations have led to most activities moving into virtual space. Almost all things we do in our daily activities such as leisure, study, and work are inextricably linked to being online.

If your business doesn’t thrive or exist online, it’s like the business doesn’t exist at all. The current technology allows you not to have premises anymore. That’s because when your business is performing well online, it brings incredible success. This means an actual store may no longer be needed.

Fortunately, it’s easy to grow your online presence, particularly when you buy Instagram likes.  But before that, make your products or services top-notch. To succeed in this, ensure you familiarize yourself with all digital marketing tools. If you’re looking at the best digital marketing tools, read on:

1. Google Trends

If you are looking for the best digital marketing tools for your business, you should consider Google Trends. This tool is essential because you can get the latest trends in all areas you’re interested in.

When using this tool, you have to type a specific keyword – industry name, product, or something else – to search in the panel. The results you get informs you about the online buzz regarding a topic. Perhaps the information is about your competitor or brand; you will find it incredibly valuable.

Google Trends helps you know the products and services trending and popularity. This allows your business to come up with better strategic ideas for your products. The tool can help you verify whether your idea to implement in a business is outdated. You may also find similar offers that could obstruct your business success.


2. Ahrefs


When launching a business, a competitive environment should be a significant concern. This tool provides you an opportunity of knowing your competitors. In addition, this tool also helps you learn where your competitor’s traffic comes from and other information such as backlinks, content features, ranking keywords, and more valuable data.

If you want to grow your business, it’s essential to know about your competitors. Therefore, you have to see the strength and weaknesses of the competitors. This could help you create a strategy to beat them in the business.


3. Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs


If you want your business to grow, learn from your competitors. You can do that by knowing their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you beat them in the business. However, that can be possible when you consider using essential tools – such as Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs.

This tool is vital for your digital marketing strategy. It can propose over 3 billion keywords that are updated monthly. And the best thing is that the tool is supported in over 100 countries.

The tool has significant features such as Clicks metric, keyword difficulty score, and advanced metrics.

A keyword is significant in your business promotion process. It helps your audience with the content they want. So, when you know the keywords to use, it enables you to incorporate them widely in your content strategy.

4. Facebook Audience Insights

On the internet, Facebook is the largest social network across the world. The good thing, it’s among the effective tools you can use to market your business products and services. Audience insights will provide you with demographic data, habits, interests, devices you use, and household income.

Specialists suggest that whoever owns information will own the world. If you can know about your customers’ interests, it will be easier for you to offer them your product and services.

In addition, when you know, events targeting your audience inspires you to include them in your marketing plan. So, having this tool can help you succeed in your Facebook marketing.

5. Buzzsumo

The other significant marketing tool is Buzzsumo. This tool helps you analyze the highest shared content depending on a specific topic. If you want to get content in a certain niche by author, domain, or theme, this is the right tool. Moreover, it is easier for you to monitor the social activity of your competitors.

If you know about your target audience, the Buzzsumo tool helps you create the perfect content for them. This will depend on the strongest content available. In other words, the tool can help you turn the leads into a high engagement.


6. SERPs Rank Checker 


If you have this tool, you should put your website or a keyword and see your resource ranks. SERPs Rank Checker is a significant tool that will evaluate the keyword in your website and indicate how it ranks in Google. If it ranks higher, it becomes easier for potential customers to find your business, thus effective marketing.

Having the SERP Rank Checker tool helps you measure the efficiency of your positioning. So, it will be easier for you to change your strategy.


If you are looking for the best digital marketing tools, the above list is a must-have. These tools will help you with your marketing technics for your business to thrive. Some are free to use, and others premium. Pick those tools you find essential for your business.