Greg Gutfeld pans ‘exhausting’ House subcommittee hearing with Big Tech CEOs

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The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld joined the “Special Report” All-Star panel Wednesday to react to that day’s House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee hearing, featuring testimony from the heads of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple.

The hearing featured Democrats questioning the CEOs about whether their companies violated U.S. antitrust law and stole from competitors, while Republicans accused them of censorship and bias against conservatives.

“I think we are all … against fake or wrong information,” Gutfeld said, “but for some reason it seems like when the information is coming from the left, it kind of gets a pass.

“But when it’s coming from the right, you have all these watchdogs, you have Snopes and [The Washington Post Fact Checker’s] Pinocchios, and all this stuff and you usually can’t get away with anything — and I know that.”

“The Greg Gutfeld Show” host went on to claim that while many prominent conservatives receive such heightened scrutiny, claims about the Russia investigation that were later proven untrue “seem[ed] to just go right through, no speed bumps.”


Ultimately, Gutfeld joked, “I just hate everybody in that room. I hate the tech giants because they are young and rich and I hate the politicians because they are obnoxious and stupid.

“These hearings are exhausting and they never ask a question that merits an answer,” he added. “Instead, it’s a dramatic statement to end up on Twitter and on TV. I’m convinced when you watch these hearings you shave 50 IQ points right off the top.”

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