Greece: cargo ship from Egypt quarantined off Crete, one dead

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Athens | A Greek freighter that arrived on the island of Crete from Port Said in northern Egypt has been placed in quarantine after a sailor was discovered dead in his cabin and ten others tested positive for coronavirus, we learned Monday from the coast guard.

Arrived Sunday morning at the port of Kaloi Limenes in the south of Crete, the cargo ship Heroïc flying the Greek flag was placed in quarantine after a “health check” on board, according to the same source.

“A sailor was discovered dead in his cabin by the captain, probably affected by the epidemic, and one of the mechanics infected with COVID-19 was hospitalized on the island near Rhodes”, told the ADP a person in charge of the press office of the coast guard.

Nine other sailors were detected positive out of a total of 21 crew members including 13 Filipinos and eight Greeks, according to the official.

Without cargo, the boat was destined for Colombia, but she must now stay for a few days off Crete.

Greece (nearly 11 million inhabitants), which is preparing in mid-May to open its tourist season, has experienced a peak in the epidemic in recent weeks with dozens of deaths daily and more than 1,500 cases of the coronavirus.