Great sin: what can not be done with shells from consecrated eggs

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A festive Easter table is impossible without painted chicken eggs and Easter cakes. What to do with leftover food or spoiled food, say the clergy.

Sprinkling food in the temple does not make food holy, but you cannot throw it into an urn after that.
There is a belief: for a week after Easter, the apostles walk among the common people disguised as poor people. Throwing the shells of Easter eggs to the filth, you can incite the wrath of the Lord – so the omens say.
– Take it to the church
In recent years, it has become fashionable to decorate eggs with stickers with the faces of saints or crucifixes. Throwing them in the trash, of course, is impossible, and if you bring the shell to the temple, the parishioners will surely look askance at you. Pastors advise not to use such stickers in the future, and if you were given a decorated egg, carefully peel off the picture and bring it to church.
– Return to earth
It will not be a sin if you dig in the shell of consecrated eggs in the garden or sprinkle it with earth in a pot with a houseplant. For a flower, this will only benefit.
City dwellers who do not have their own plot, priests advise to collect the shells in a separate bag and after Easter give another element – to burn.
What to do with leftover eggs and cakes after Easter
It is impossible to throw away and then trample under your feet what is blessed in the church. Therefore, the remnants of the blessed food can be left under a bush and buried in the ground or thrown into the river. Without plastic bags, these residues will not harm nature.