Grass caught fire twice in half an hour on Sakhalin

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On the island on the eve there were two close fires of dry grass. The first incident took place in Tomari near Oktyabrskaya Street. It took 3 minutes from the receipt of information to the local garrison to the arrival of firefighters at the scene. It took them a little more than 10 to completely extinguish the fire on an area of ​​20 square meters.

The firefighters in the neighboring area had to face a completely different scale. The time difference between the two incidents was about 20 minutes. Makarov’s firemen received a call at 16:29. The grass on Severnaya Street was burning. After 5 minutes the rescuers were on the spot. By this time, the fire had spread over an area of ​​450 square meters. It took about a quarter of an hour to extinguish.

Both cases were without fatalities and injuries. Their reasons are now being established.