Grace and Witch: a scientist explores the strange names of Tula villages

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The author of the blog “Search for Ancestors, Tula Province” Alexander Derevshchikov continues to talk about the unusual names of local villages.

This time, the blogger and genealogist focused on the toponymy of the Efremov region.

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Derevshchikov is celebrated by the village of Blagodat, known back in the 18th-19th centuries. The settlement has survived to this day.

But the village of Nizhnyaya Strelchya, which had a second name – Vedmino, was renamed Krasnogorskoe in Soviet times.

“Still,” Witch “somehow sounded gloomy“, – says the blogger.

He was also interested in two villages with similar names: Sheep Waters and Good Waters.

The review of the curious place names of the Efremov region is completed by the village of Kin-Sadness.

“Another very old village with a nice name. It was located near the Kulikovo Pole railway station. So, if the sadness-printing has overcome, then we must urgently go here. The village is alive, but what about the station at the moment needs to be checked. “, – completes the review of Derevshchikov.

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