Governor of Ivanovo Region earned over 6.5 million rubles

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Stanislav Voskresensky reported on his official income for the past year.

According to the declaration provided by the head of the region, last year he earned over six and a half million rubles, 6,506,513 rubles, to be precise. At the same time, the governor has real estate in Moscow – an apartment with an area of ​​132.4 square meters and a garage of 25.4 square meters. In Ivanovo, Stanislav Voskresensky has an apartment in use, its area is 7.7 square meters.

The data on the income of the wife of the Ivanovo governor, Svetlana Dryga, also became known. Recall that last year the actress had no official income, but this situation has changed – she declared an amount of 735,284 rubles.

At the same time, in the declaration of Svetlana Dryga, a large number of real estate is indicated – an apartment in Moscow with an area of ​​35.2 square meters, two apartments with an area of ​​36.6 and 39.7 square meters.

1/12 of a residential building with an area of ​​65.3 square meters, a land plot of 564 square meters in the Rostov region and an apartment with an area of ​​94.1 square meters. In addition, she owns a Mercedes Benz C180 car.