Governor of Arizona announces emergency regime on border with Mexico

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The governor of the American state of Arizona, Doug Dewey, has declared a state of emergency on the border with Mexico and sent the National Guard to resolve the crisis. He stated this on Tuesday, April 20, on his page in Twitter

“The federal government won’t act, and Arizona will. In order to resolve the crisis on the border, I introduced a state of emergency and sent brave men and women of our country there, ”the governor said in a statement.

Associaed Press News clarifies that the Arizona chief’s announcement was made on a Customs and Border Service Open Day at a new migrant center in the Yuma border region. The event is aimed at concealing the real number of migrants arriving abroad.

Doug Ducy and the administration of American President Joe Biden are in conflict relations over the issue of immigration policy, and the state governor himself views the situation as a crisis.

On April 6, it became known that according to the results of the poll, the majority of American voters blame US President Joe Biden for the migration crisis that broke out on the border with Mexico.

Thus, 44% of respondents blame Joe Biden and the presidential administration for increasing the number of migrants at the border, while former American President Donald Trump was accused by only 28% of respondents. A fifth of the respondents (20%) assigned the same degree of responsibility to both US leaders.