Godfather Trump is more influential than ever

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Kevin McCarthy was one of the first to visit the Godfather at his palace in Mar-a-Lago. McCarthy is the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives. He had a lot to be forgiven.

He had dared to say that Donald Trump was partly responsible for the insurgency against the Capitol. But a few days ago, he corrected his mistake. Now he claims that all Americans are responsible for this unfortunate event. Trump, as a good godfather, knows how to forgive. After kissing Trump’s ring, he shared a meal with him. Together, they discussed plans for the future. Particularly from the 2022 election, then McCarthy was given a bill of $ 700 for his meal.

1. How influential is Trump in the Republican Party?

Trump’s influence in the Republican Party is stronger than ever. Trump’s followers are organizing and venting their anger at those who abandoned the godfather. Across the United States, Republican associations are passing censure motions against the 10 Republican Representatives and 5 Senators who did not support Trump. These elected Republicans will never be chosen again as Republican candidates. By voting according to their conscience, they signed their political death warrant.

2. Trump’s influence will it subside?

One can wish, for the good of the United States, that Trump’s influence would weaken. But the evil runs deep. You have to try to put yourself in the shoes of Republicans who, in a very emotional way, believe that Trump is the one who was truly elected. Nothing can make them change their mind. No rational argument can reach them anymore. They feed each other the craziest rumors that they turn into certainty. The censorship – condemnable – of the big internet platforms against the plotters and QAnon, does not change anything in their collective madness.

3. Are Republicans going to change?

The political division of the American population has become insurmountable. A few days ago, there was still hope that a majority of Republicans would find it right. But too few Republicans rallied behind Democrats, and those who did have been attacked too much by the majority of Republicans. The radicalization of the Republican Party will continue.

4. Where is the United States heading?

Those who believe, correctly, that Donald Trump has committed serious crimes against the state and against democracy will not be satisfied until the former president and his lieutenants have been convicted by the courts. But if Trump isn’t tried and sentenced – and he won’t – then no one will. On the other hand, those who foolishly imagine the election was stolen will not stop until political mechanisms are put in place to prevent Democrats from governing again. A people so divided is doomed to paralysis and mistrust of its institutions. Even war, which has so often cemented American citizens beyond their differences, would be unable to resolve this problem.

5. Is there a solution?

The solution ? Implement a more equitable system of redistribution of wealth and give more space to science, to the detriment of beliefs of all kinds. But these solutions take time. It is not certain that the United States has a lot of time.

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