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GMC is now accepting $100 reservations for the new Hummer EV. Unfortunately, you’re going to be waiting a while.


2020 has been a particularly challenging time for many reasons, but for fans of classic 4×4 nameplates, it’s been a banner year for revivals of long-dead names. The latest? The return of Hummer. More precisely, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. That’s right, General Motors’ legendarily controversial name is back, it’s brawnier than ever and it’s battery-powered. And while we won’t see the first Hummers in GMC showrooms before next fall, you can raise your hand with a $100 bill right now and reserve a spot on the list to get one. 

Maybe you are lock,-stock-and-barrel sold on owning the new GMC Hummer EV. Maybe you’re on the fence, but want to hedge your bets. Who knows, you might even be a speculator. No matter what you’re thinking, you’ve got very little to lose, as these are 100% refundable deposits with zero obligation to purchase a vehicle. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Here’s the gist of GMC’s 5-step reservation process

  • Log on to the GMC Hummer EV microsite.
  • Choose your trim.
  • Choose your dealer (participating GMC dealers).
  • Enter your information (including credit card).
  • Reserve and confirm. The $100 reservation goes directly to your dealership, along with a copy of the reservation agreement.

Of course, those are just the basics. Here are the particulars.

2022-2024 GMC Hummer EV availability and pricing

While we don’t know the cost of any of the options, GM has revealed when you can buy which Hummer EV model — pay attention here, because there are important differences, if only in wait time.

Fall 2021
GMC Hummer EV Edition 1: $112,595 (including destination)

  • Three motors
  • 1,000 horsepower
  • 350 miles of range (est.)
  • 800-volt DC fast-charging capability
  • Modular Infinity Roof
  • Extreme Off-Road Package
  • White paint
  • Special badges

Fall 2022
GMC Hummer EV 3X: $99,995

  • Three motors
  • 800 horsepower
  • 300 miles of range (est.)
  • 800-volt DC fast-charging capability
  • Watts To Freedom launch control
  • Torque vectoring

Spring 2023
GMC Hummer EV 2X: $89,995

  • Two motors
  • 625 horsepower
  • 300 miles of range (est.)
  • 800-volt DC fast-charging capability
  • Adaptive Air Ride
  • Extract Mode
  • Four-wheel steering with CrabWalk

Spring 2024
GMC Hummer EV 2: $79,995

  • Two motors
  • 625 horsepower
  • 250 miles of range (est.)
  • 400-volt DC fast-charging capability
  • MultiPro Tailgate

Hummer EV reservations

Once you follow the above steps on the GMC Hummer microsite and you receive your confirmation notice (which can take up to 48 hours), you’ve got your place in line that will ensure you can eventually submit a vehicle purchase order. Your local dealer will contact you to complete and submit your order. The timing for this will vary depending on which model you put your deposit down on, but it’s likely to be within several months before your chosen model is slated to be built in Michigan.

Hummer EV reservation cancellations

As mentioned earlier, reservations are fully refundable. You can get your $100 back by reaching out to your dealer and requesting a refund, or by calling 1-833-HUMMER-EV. GM says it may take up to seven business days to receive your refund. Important: You must cancel your reservation prior to submitting your purchase order.

Hummer EV dealer selection

According to the fine print, GMC says that the Hummer EV will only be available in the “48 Continental United States and Hawaii,” which feels like a long way of saying Alaskans are out of luck. Canadians, rest easy — your country has its own microsite reservation process.

Hummer EV microsite problems

As of Tuesday night, the GMC Hummer EV microsite seems to be experiencing some functionality issues, likely due to a surge in early reservation orders. The functionality doesn’t seem to be quite as impeded as Ford struggled with after it revealed the Ranger, but it’s possible this will affect your ability to complete a reservation, so if you’re committed, you might need to be patient, especially if you want to snag one of the first Edition 1 reservation slots. That said, once you’ve managed to get through the address and payment screens and receive a confirmation, you’re set.

Now, let’s hope that GMC will reveal more key metrics like payload, towing and overall dimensions and weight so that potential buyers can make an even more informed decision.


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