Glucose was criticized for speaking about the “Ukrainian” Crimea

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Russian singer Glukoza (Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova) told the employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine that Crimea is “Ukrainian”.

On August 7, the agency posted a video on Twitter.

The footage captures the artist’s conversation with the border guards, during which she is asked about her last visit to Crimea. Glucose noted that in 2014 she was invited to the festival, and for her it was “just shooting.”

Then the border guards switched to Ukrainian and began to ask questions about the ownership of the peninsula. The singer first said that she had nothing to do with politics and it was just important for her to “be in Ukraine”.

After that, Glucose called Crimea “Ukrainian”, but her full phrase will not work, since the video was cut just after these words.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian border guards still banned the artist from entering Ukraine for a period of three years, notes.

But netizens sharply criticized the artist and recalled that the alienation of Russian territories has already been recognized as extremism.

“Correctly, the Ukrainians did not let her in. It would also be good not to let them into Russia. In particular, for ignorance, ”wrote Vitaly Tretyakov.

“It is necessary to prohibit performing in Russia as well,” suggested Sergei Savin.

“She publicly humiliated herself before the Ukrainians and betrayed Russia,” @b_misteryo said.

Some joked that if Glucose had recognized Kuban or Khabarovsk as Ukrainian, then maybe she would have been allowed to go to Kiev.

In April, the singer Lolita answered a Ukrainian journalist’s question about the ownership of Crimea.

Crimea returned to Russia in 2014 following a referendum in which 96.7% of the region’s residents voted for reunification. Ukraine still refuses to recognize the voting results.

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