Glenn Greenwald rips former Intercept colleagues as ‘liberal DNC hacks’ for seizing data dump of Gab users

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Glen Greenwald offered a scathing response to The Intercept after the outlet revealed that it had obtained the personal data of users of the social media platform Gab. 

Greenwald, a co-founder of The Intercept, took to Twitter on Tuesday and shared an excerpt of an email sent to its members about its latest pursuit. 

“Donald Trump is gone from the White House, but make no mistake: White supremacists, QAnon believers, and Trump election fraud conspiracists still pose a grave threat to our safety,” The Intercept warned. “We’ve gotten ahold of a massive data dump on the users of Gab, the far-right social network that’s become a safe haven for all the people Facebook and their ilk kicked off of their platforms… Earlier this year, a hacker obtained 65 gigabytes of data from the site and shared it with media organizations like The Intercept to investigate.”


In an effort to solicit donations, the excerpt continued, “Right now, The Intercept is digging through this massive data dump to uncover everything we can about these violent white supremacists. Will you chip in and help our team continue its reporting on the extreme right wing?”

Greenwald blasted the organization he helped found in 2014. 

“This is repulsive,” Greenwald reacted. “The Intercept was founded during the Snowden story to defend privacy rights & oppose the security state. Now, the liberal DNC hacks who ‘edit’ it are boasting they got personal data from Gab users & are sorting through it, doing FBI’s work to find ‘extremists.'”

“Bold Adversarial Journalism: serving as mouthpieces for the CIA and acting as monitoring cops for the FBI. Liberal political hacks ruin everything. The Intercept is s—,” he added


The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist then replied to a Twitter user who wrote, “Hard to imagine a worse perversion of the Intercepts mission than using hacked documents to shine light on the communications of ordinary citizens.”

“The people who run the Intercept now had nothing to do with its founding — they just leech off those who did — and are authoritarian s*** liberals so this is what they do. They only saving grace is that outside like 3 writers, nobody reads that rag,” Greenwald wrote

A spokesperson for The Intercept responded to Fox News’ request for comment Tuesday saying, “Earlier this year, The Intercept, among many other news organizations, received 65 gigabytes of hacked data from the social media network Gab. The data was leaked to the transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) and was only provided to journalists and researchers who requested access to it. The Intercept is using this material to investigate white supremacist groups and, in particular, their relationship to law enforcement. We do not apologize for our interest in reporting on fascist activity.”

Greenwald left The Intercept last year after accusing its editors of “censoring” his piece that was critical of then-candidate Joe Biden. 

The Intercept’s editor-in-chief Betsy Reed defended her organization, saying Greenwald’s decision to resign stemmed from “a fundamental disagreement over the role of editors in the production of journalism and the nature of censorship.”  

Reed called the claim that The Intercept’s editors are all pulling for Biden “preposterous” and said a brief glance at her website would refute those claims. “Facts are facts and The Intercept record of fearless, rigorous, independent journalism speaks for itself,” she wrote. 


“The narrative he presents about his departure is teeming with distortions and inaccuracies – all of them designed to make him appear a victim, rather than a grown person throwing a tantrum,” Reed wrote. “While he accuses us of political bias, it was he who was attempting to recycle a political campaign’s – the Trump campaign’s – dubious claims and launder them as journalism.”

The harsh rebuttal to Greenwald’s resignation failed to mention anything specific about the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s alleged overseas business associates that was first reported by the New York Post, instead chalking them up to “dubious claims” pushed by the Trump campaign. 

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