Getting No Internet After TP Link Extender Setup?

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I bought a TP Link WiFi extender! Someone told me that it provides the internet range even in blind spots. I trusted that person! Now, the issue is, I configured the extender but getting no internet. I am really worried! I don’t want to return it. Instead, want to make my internet connection working smoothly after tp link extender setup.

The above-mentioned queries can be similar to yours or any user across the globe. But, you don’t have to worry because you are on the right post. Here, in this 3-minute read, you will get a couple of fixes that will help you resolve the issue on the fly.


Fix : No Internet After Extender Setup

Follow the tips highlighted below to fix no internet after extender setup issue.


Fix 1: Check the Power

Chances are that your extender isn’t getting enough power supply and that is giving you issues. So, the very first fix that you have to apply is to check the power being supplied to your extender. Ensure that it is steady.

Still no internet? Why fear? Scroll down for next troubleshooting tip.


Fix 2: Check the Connectivity

During tp link extender setup have you created a strong connection between your extender and router? Yes, you read it right! It you haven’t connected your extender and router using a wireless or Ethernet source, then you will not get tp link extender setup success, resulting in no internet connectivity. So, during the process, ensure to connect your devices properly with each other.


Fix 3: Check With Your ISP

This is also one of the most important yet effective tips to consider. You may also get slow or no internet issue if the speed provided by your ISP is not accurate. So, contact your ISP and ask him whether the internet speed provided by him matches with the speed you are paying for or not.

Once you receive the actual internet speed, check your WiFi by accessing tplinkrepeater.


Fix 4: Check the Login Details


Have you used the correct login details for accessing the extender setup page? Think twice and ensure that the username and password you are using is correct. For, default details, refer to the extender manual.

Still getting the same issue? Ensure that you have followed the correct tp link extender setup steps. If you are not sure whether you have performed the tp link extender setup process correctly or followed the configuration steps correctly, then the only answer to your doubt is to reset your extender. The reset process will make your extender brand new and you can reconfigure it again without any hassle.

Here’s how to reset TP Link extender:

Before resetting the extender, please take the back up of its settings. 

Step 1: Disconnect your extender from router (if connected).

Step 2: Keep the extender plugged in.

Step 3: Locate the reset hole on the extender.

Step 4: Press, hold and release it.


As soon as your extender gets reset successfully, take a little step forward to configure it. To avoid tp link extender setup issues, ensure to follow the configuration steps in the exact given order.

Don’t know the steps to configure the device? Fret not! Have a quick glance below.

Step 1: After resetting your extender, you have to connect it again with your router and provide it a continuous power supply.

Step 2: Launch an updated browser on a desktop or laptop and enter tplinkrepeater. The reason behind suggesting using an up-to-date web browser version is simple. tplinkrepeater web address will not give you positive results.

Step 3: Press Enter and provide the correct login details in the required fields.

Step 4: As soon as the setup page of your TP link extender displays, just follow the on-screen instructions.


As soon as your extender gets configured, you can connect as many devices as you can to the new extended WiFi and enjoy using the internet to the fullest.

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