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We live in stressful times. If your physical stress is manifesting itself in the form of muscle pain (back, neck, shoulders and the like), you can quickly get caught in a vicious cycle: The pain causes more stress, which in turn causes more pain. Or maybe you’re in pain owing to new workouts you’re doing at home.

Meditation and yoga can help, but sometimes you want more targeted relief — and I know lots of folks who swear by TENS massagers. That’s short for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation” in the form of an electronic, portable, drug-free system that promises to stimulate blood flow and relieve muscle pain.

Here’s an unbelievably good deal on one: Until April 23 or while supplies last, the Pynhoklm Dual Channel TENS Muscle Stimulator is just $18 with promo code CNET0416. It normally runs at $36, and I’ve seen others sell for as much as $40.

This model looks sort of like an old MP3 player with a large display on the side and has a couple of plugs in the top. Those connect to pads that go on your aching body parts. Then just tap the corresponding button (shoulder, neck, joint, etc.) and the unit gets to work with an electrical massage. You get six massage modes and 20 intensity levels, along with a timer that you can set for 10-60 minutes. 

It comes with 10 sets of reusable (and replaceable) pads and is rechargeable via USB (cable included).

If you already own a TENS unit and can weigh in on their efficacy, please do.

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This article was published previously. It has been updated to reflect the latest deal.

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