Germany: Where to Take a Free Rapid Test

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Free rapid tests should become one of the important tools in the fight against a pandemic while there is not enough vaccine in the country. The federal government has guaranteed one free rapid test per week for everyone in the country. However, it will not be possible to pass tests that require specially trained personnel: doctors, pharmacists, specialists in vaccination centers, for example in Lower Saxony, for the time being.

The state government is working to ensure that all citizens living in the federal state can get free weekly testing in the near future, a government spokeswoman said.

The situation is different in the German capital. Berliners can take a rapid coronavirus test for free from Monday, March 8. Berlin’s health authority said there is a test center in every district for quick tests. It is recommended to pass them weekly, both to protect your own health and those around you. Every person who passes the test is given a certificate.

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