Germany: Virologist Drosten warns of 100,000 new infections a day despite vaccinations

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Virologist Christian Drosten has once again warned of the dangers of a premature relaxation of quarantine measures. According to the expert, economic, social and even legal pressure may form in society for the mitigation of restrictive measures, or even their end.

This can happen when “the elderly and, probably, some of the citizens belonging to risk groups, will be vaccinated,” – quoted by Drosten “Spiegel”. If the easing of quarantine measures occurs ahead of time, in Germany “then there will no longer be 20,000 or 30,000 infected per day, but in the worst case 100,000. Most of them will be young people. The intensive care units will be overcrowded due to the large number of infected people. The number of deaths will also be high, ”says Drosten.

To prevent this, everything possible should be done to defeat the virus completely. It would be “absolutely desirable now to strive for zero”, which is associated with the colossal efforts of every citizen of the country. Even if the number of infected people is drastically reduced, the virus will make itself felt over and over again, as is the case in China and Australia.

The expert also believes that the summer of 2021 will be stressful. A hassle-free summer in 2020 was, according to Drosten, an exception. The situation was different last year. The number of infected remained below the critical threshold in the spring. Now it is “no longer so”. With examples from Spain and South Africa, it can be seen that the number of cases remained high despite the heat.

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