Germany: Schools, theater or sports – only with a negative test

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The fight against the coronavirus pandemic should not divide society into two classes. It is also wrong to isolate those residents of the country who cannot purchase or take a rapid test for coronavirus, says Klaus Reinhardt, president of the German Medical Association.

“Easy-to-use and safe quick tests at home can make life easier in a pandemic in a variety of areas,” Reinhardt said in an interview with the Funke media group. As an example of the admission of tests, he cited the normalization of the work of schools and kindergartens, as well as the opening of enterprises in the field of culture and entertainment, as well as amateur sports. The main condition for the realization of this perspective is the availability of a sufficient number of tests and their availability for everyone. “Under no circumstances should there be isolation in the leisure sector, for example because people on low income cannot afford to buy tests.”

It should be noted that along with accessibility, a high level of reliability of the results is very important, which should become a decisive criterion for the approval of tests along with ease of use for everyone.

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