Germany: RKI investigates where Germans are most often infected with coronavirus

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Research by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has shown that most often coronavirus infection occurs in private – in the circle of family friends, as well as in nursing homes. According to statistics, a sick family member infects 3.2 people on average. He transmits the virus, apparently, to other family members.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, nursing homes are in second place in terms of the occurrence of foci of coronavirus infection. If one of the residents became infected in these institutions, he infected 19 people on average.

Rice of contamination is highest in homes for refugees and asylum seekers. On average, 21 people fell ill in one place. This is the highest rate. According to the current RKI study, schools and kindergartens have not yet become a frequent site of infection foci. The RKI has registered 31 cases of infections in schools and 150 people infected with the novel coronavirus.

Restaurants, hotels and offices are also not yet places for the spread of coronavirus. Masks and social distance are likely to help avoid contamination. It is almost impossible to determine how high the risk of infection on trains is. It is very difficult to track a passenger and figure out his contacts.

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