Germany: Relaxation not earlier than summer, masks will not be canceled until next winter

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Despite the strict quarantine, the situation in Germany remains tense: the Robert Koch Institute announced a record number of deaths per day – 962. Federal Minister of Economy Peter Altmeier believes that one should not expect a relaxation of restrictive measures to combat the pandemic in January.

In view of the difficult situation, the politician assumes that the strict quarantine after January 10 will be extended. “When all of Germany is a huge hotspot, easing restrictions is almost impossible,” Altmeier told dpa.

“The limitations of our daily life are likely to last for another two or three months. Our private social life will not be able to return to normal until the beginning of summer, ”Altmeier said, referring to the admission of the vaccine and the planned start of vaccination in the near future. “We still have to wear masks until next winter or even longer. And it will take a long time before we can again hold large mass events in the format we remember them. Nevertheless, the life of the majority of the population will begin to normalize at the beginning of the summer, ”the politician summed up.

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