Germany: Police arrested 21-year-old who attacked them and refused to wear mask

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Police in Stuttgart arrested a 21-year-old man who refused to wear a mask on the bus and attacked the police. The police were called by the driver of the N3 bus. According to the driver, several passengers did not respond to the driver’s request to wear a mask and responded with insults. They all left the stopped bus and disappeared before a police patrol approached him on Heilbronnerstrasse.

While the patrolmen were recording the information received from the driver, they noticed one young man who, despite repeated requests, refused to put on a mask so that it completely covered his nose and mouth. The mask on the man covered only his chin. When the police asked the man to show his passport, he acted aggressively and tried to hit the law enforcement officers. In a fit of aggression, the offender grabbed the policeman by the neck and tried to strangle him.

The passengers on the bus tried to calm the man down, but their attempts were unsuccessful. In the end, the police took the 21-year-old to the police station for identification and further clarification. As it turned out, the arrested German citizen is already known to the police.

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