Germany: No use of Corona warning app in school

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Lessons will begin in Bavarian schools on September 8. However, it is already known that the use of the Corona warning app at school will be prohibited for children. The Regensburg Youth Council failed with an appropriate initiative.

In principle, the use of mobile phones in school premises by students is prohibited unless the devices are used for educational purposes. The Ministry of Culture emphasized that the use of the Corona app can only be allowed in selected cases if it makes the student feel more secure.

Lord Mayor of Regensburg Gertrude Maltz-Schwarzfischer supported a youth initiative to enable students to turn on mobile phones in schools in response to the pandemic. But a spokesman for the Upper Palatinate Ministry of Gymnasium Schools declined the request on the grounds that the Corona warning app was unnecessary in schools. Unlike in public space, infection chains can be quickly identified and traced even without an application. “Voluntary use of the app is possible without restrictions on the way to school,” the official said.

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