Germany: Merkel canceled “Rest days” for Easter

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Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has summoned the heads of regional governments to an extraordinary summit meeting. Immediately after the start of the conference, it became clear: the decision was made. In response to widespread criticism, the Chancellor announced the cancellation of the decision to introduce “Rest Days” in the country at Easter.

The introduction of a “rest phase” from 1 to 5 April was announced at the end of a conference with the prime ministers of the federal states on Tuesday night.

Now, canceling the decision, the head of government has asked for forgiveness from the residents of the country. The Chancellor said she is fully responsible for the move, Bild reports. “It was my mistake!” – summed up Merkel.

The Minister-President of Bavaria, Markus Säder, respected the Chancellor’s decision. “In the end, it’s better to make this decision now than later, when it will be impossible from a legal point of view,” the politician quotes, referring to messages from participants, dpa. Zeder explained that the procedure for implementing the solution is “also part of the problem.” According to the politician, even during the meeting of Angela Merkel with the prime ministers on Monday, the responsible ministries were asked for information about the possibility of implementing the Easter holiday phase from a legal point of view.

The dpa news agency, referred once again to information from the participants, reports that Merkel is not planning to resign. It is also not planned to convene a regular conference at the highest level in the near future.

The point is only that the paragraph on the introduction of “Days of Rest” for Easter will be canceled. However, the Chancellor asks residents of the country to limit all contacts at Easter as much as possible. Restrictive measures are needed. This was stated by all the participants in the conference.

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