Germany: Mandatory change of driver’s license by EU decision

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Drivers in Germany are obliged to change their driver’s license within a certain period of time. The corresponding decree came into force last year.

The reason for the mandatory change of driver’s licenses is the EU directive: from 2033, all drivers in the European Union must have a single document. Driving licenses will be entered into the EU common database. However, many questions regarding the innovation remain open. The ADAC Automobile Club tried to answer some of them.

– Why are drivers required to pay for a forced change of driver’s license?

Changing driving licenses is carried out in accordance with the European directive. A fee of € 25 is charged in connection with the costs of producing new documents and does not contradict the Regulation on Fees and Fees for Road Transport Events (GebOST).

– How soon do you need to change your driver’s license?

When exchanging driving licenses issued no later than 1998, the age of the drivers will be taken into account. The period for the exchange of documents issued from 1999 to 2013 will be determined based on the year of issue.

– Why will drivers born in 1953 and older change their licenses only after 2033?

The authorities plan to gradually exchange most driver’s licenses by 2028 – to avoid queues. By this time, certificates issued after 2013 will have expired. And holders of a driver’s license, born before 1953, are served according to a different scheme. The Transport Committee in the Bundesrat explains that given the age of the drivers, many may no longer need a driver’s license after 2033. It is inappropriate to force them to change their driver’s license earlier.

-What do you need to change your driver’s license?

To exchange old for new, the driver will need a photo, old license, ID or passport. When you change your place of residence, you must provide a certificate from the organization that issued the driver’s license for the first time.

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