Germany: Head of therapists on health damage from prolonged quarantine

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Prolonged rigid quarantine and the lack of prospects for its cancellation or weakening cause substantial damage to the health of the country’s residents, says Ulrich Weigeldt, chairman of the German Association of Physicians. The expert urges politicians to develop a clear plan for the introduction of relaxation of restrictive measures.

People have been forced to live in a pandemic for a year. All this time, they had to put up with radical restrictions combined with the fear of getting sick, losing their jobs and livelihoods. People are physically and mentally exhausted, ”Weigeldt says in an interview with the Rheinische Post.

When visiting a doctor, many say that they suffer from the oppression of seeming hopelessness due to the constantly prolonged isolation. Some people say they feel powerless in the face of irrational decisions. The chief of therapists believes that politicians should give people a lifeline of prospects as soon as possible, explaining what the country will expect under such conditions in the near future.

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