Germany: Hartz IV Benefit To Increase From 1 January

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The Bundesrat has passed a series of laws that will improve the financial situation of the unemployed as well as German families. So, in the coming year, the child benefit will increase by 15 euros, and the Hartz IV benefit will increase by 14 euros.

Along with the increase in payments for children, the unemployment benefit II will also increase. For single people it will increase by 14 euros to 446 euros. Hartz IV for young people aged 14 and over will be 373 euros, which means plus 45 euros per month. Spouses and partners in the future will receive 401 euros, adults under 25 years old living with parents – 357 euros. Children under the age of five in the new year will be paid 283 euros instead of the 250 euros paid earlier. For children from 6 to 13 years old, the payment will increase by only one euro, up to 309 euros. Note that with the last increase in tariffs, it was this age group that received the maximum premium.

Also, the base tax rebate will increase by 336 – to 9,744 euros, and at the second stage – to 9,984 euros in 2022. In other words, the tax will be withdrawn from income exceeding the indicated amounts (9,744 in 2021 and 9,984 in 2022).

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