Germany: German expert talks about long-term consequences of Covid-19 disease

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Health expert Karl Lauterbach emphasizes that Covid-19 will have a lasting burden on the healthcare system. The expert recalls that many patients who have had the virus have been complaining about the consequences for a long time. “This phenomenon and its consequences are greatly underestimated”, considers Lauterbach.

Patients who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus may complain of at least one more symptom, or more, several months after they are considered recovered. “It is becoming increasingly clear that Covid-19 is a disease of the entire vascular and immune system,” said Lauterbach. The long-term effects of Covid-19 can have up to half of patients treated for coronavirus in hospitals.

The expert emphasizes that this conclusion is based on research by Chinese scientists made during the first wave of the pandemic. The expert also summed up: “It is a mistake to believe that only the old die from the coronavirus and that the young are not at risk.”

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