Germany: German expert admits thrombosis may occur after vaccination with AstraZeneca

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On the air of the “Hart aber fair” program “Hart aber fair” on the state TV channel ARD, health expert Karl Lauterbach said that those infected with AstraZeneca can develop thrombosis, leading in rare cases to death.

What some feared and others expected – happened. Due to reports of cases of thrombosis among those vaccinated, Germany, following a number of European countries, suspended vaccination with AstraZeneca, despite an acute shortage of the coronavirus vaccine.

In European countries and in Germany, a number of cases of blood clotting disorders and thrombosis have been identified in those vaccinated with the drug. In particular, in Austria, a 49-year-old nurse died due to clotting problems 10 days after the administration of AstraZeneca. A 35-year-old colleague who died developed pulmonary embolism. Could these cases be caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine? “Yes,” says health expert Karl Lauterbach.

“Thrombosis is a possible complication after vaccine administration. This fact will be revealed in a second study, “- said Lauterbach:” Similar cases occur in Germany on average 50 times a year. ” Now, within a short time, several complications have arisen. And this is in connection with vaccination.

“I assume that the review will take about a week and then there will be a clear warning of a possible negative side effect,” Lauterbach said in front of the ARD’s multimillion-dollar audience. The expert clarified that his assessment is based, among other things, on information received from the attending physicians. “There is a high probability that the thrombosis was caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine,” he concluded.

Lauterbach urged those vaccinated with the drug to carefully consider possible warning signals of the body: “Severe headaches after vaccination, the appearance of small spots on the skin is a reason for an immediate visit to a specialist.”

Nevertheless, after weighing all the “pro and contra”, Lauterbach believes that vaccination with AstraZeneca is “justified.” Despite the occurrence of severe side effects, such as thrombosis, “including in young people,” the expert opposed the suspension of vaccination with the drug. At the same time, he confirmed that in Germany there were two deaths among those vaccinated. In this connection, journalist Ranga Yogeshwar reported two deaths in the Federal Republic.

Earlier in the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland and Portugal and Slovenia, vaccinations with the drug were temporarily suspended after reports of bleeding problems in some AstraZeneca vaccinated. Austria, Estonia and Italy have blocked the use of one specific batch of vaccine.

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