Germany: Frankfurt Approaching Red Warning Level, Bundeswehr Assistance Required

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The number of infected people in Frankfurt has reached the highest level in Hesse, approaching the red warning zone. According to municipal authorities, the number of new infections in the city per 100 thousand inhabitants over the past seven days is 74.8. Fifth The last warning level of the federal strategy to prevent and escalate the situation starts at 75.

The mayor of the city on the Main tweeted: Frankfurt is approaching the final warning level. “The situation is serious, but you shouldn’t panic. Stick to the rules. The development of the pandemic situation in the city depends on you ”, – @OBPeterFeldmann

Frankfurt turned to the Bundeswehr for help in tracing the infection chains. Earlier, a neighbor of the banking capital of Europe, Offenbach, resorted to the help of the military. 60 soldiers this week will help employees of the Frankfurt health department identify and check the contacts of infected people.

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