Germany: “Emergency brake” allows walks until 24:00, schools will be closed at a coefficient of 165

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The Bundestag Health Committee has approved a modified “emergency brake” to be introduced throughout Germany in those regions where the incidence rate has exceeded a certain “alarming border”. The draft law can be passed with some important concessions.

During an extraordinary meeting of the committee, representatives of the CDU / CSU and SPD bloc voted in favor of introducing the draft law in a modified form, the press service of the Bundestag reported. The Left Party, FDP and AfD voted against. The Green Party abstained.

The version of the bill has undergone some changes. One of the main changes is the curfew in regions in which the incidence rate per week exceeds 100, leaving the house without a valid reason is prohibited from 10:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and not from 9:00 pm, as planned by the federal government. In addition, evening walks and animal walks will be allowed until 24:00, if done alone.

The Chancellery proposed to transfer schools to distance learning if the incidence rate in the region exceeded 200. The coalition government parties advocated the introduction of shift education in schools if the incidence rate exceeds 100. And with a rate of 165, schools can only offer distance learning.

The Bundestag will approve the amended bill on Wednesday. On Thursday, the bill will be discussed in the Bundesrat.

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